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  1. Only challenge is I did a pre-order at lower price than the one on Mac App Store. If I take the refund, I would have to buy at the slightly higher price :-(. Any guidance appreciated.
  2. Hi, I have bought a license for Affinity Publisher from the Affinity Store but would like to switch to the Mac App Store. That makes it easier for me to restore the purchases on my other Macs. Please advise on making this move. Thanks! Loving Publisher BTW.
  3. A Timeline panel in Affinity Designer would be an excellent addition :-). Should be on the roadmap!
  4. I think AD has fantastic potential to take over as my primary diagramming tool. It is still missing a few features, which I am sure have been requested already. I would like to list it down here for everyone to pitch in: Connectors on Shapes. Lines will snap to these connectors and stay connected as shapes are moved around Lines with various end-points (arrows, dots) Automatic layouts (force directed) for cleaner diagrams With the features above, AD can replace my need for tools like Visio, Omnigraffle etc. Please add this to your roadmap ;)
  5. Awesome. Hidden treasure! Thanks MEB.
  6. I will also add: Guide duplication with Option-Drag. Sometimes where you are far away from the ruler, it can be a pain to move your mouse all the way to the ruler to drag out a guide Shift-Drag should snap the guide to the tick marks of the Ruler. Good to create exact guides. I should also have a way to set the guide position with some text field. I can then use some math to position the guides just like we do now with other number fields
  7. It would be really nice if I could duplicate slices simply by Option-Dragging on the slice-rectangle. Doing it manually for 20 slices on my document is tedious. Instead I can duplicate and then snap them using guides.
  8. Hi Meb, Attached the file here. Note that when you export the "512" named layer, the bounds are 1357x1357. It should really be 512x512. Please see if I am doing anything wrong here. Thanks, Pavan bad-layer-export.afdesign
  9. Hi MEB, Tried that but it does not constrain it to the bounds of the layer. Instead it exports it with the document dimensions.
  10. Crossposting from the Beta forum. ---- This gives a quick way to export only the content in a layer without the need to create slices. The size of the export will the unified bounds of the entire layer. This is very useful when you don't want a slices-like export that cuts through all layers. Please include this :-)
  11. Hello, I have seen this exact problem when I upgraded from 1.2 to 1.2.1. I had originally created the document on a 1X display but then opened it on a 2X (retina) display and saw this bug. It does not occur if you create and open the file on the same version of AFD. I think there is some version related logic which is causing the sizes to jump. Still a bug in my opinion. Luckily I only had 8 slices to rearrange, so all was not lost. Pavan (@pavanpodila)
  12. Fantastic Andy! Can't wait for the next version. Any hints on the timeline :-)
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