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    The lack of this function is driving me absolute ape-sh*t right now. I use this all the time in Indy, but just trying to design my resume using bullet points is a nightmare.
  2. In contrast to what someone said earlier, I do know UX and UI and work in that realm professionally. The thing is, just because a few of us are voicing a complaint about this here, does not mean it's only a problem to us. Not every customer or potential customer lodges a complaint if they are dissatisfied, some just shrug their shoulders and move on (this is why feature by user-vote systems are mostly garbage). And I'd hate to call myself an influencer but I've sang Serif's praises many times on Twitter and managed to pull the ears of a few higher profile folks. In fact, I'm working on a site redesign right now and looking to include a blogpost/series regarding getting off of Adobe, and featuring the three Affinity products in that one, because it's oh so close, but quality of life issues such as this make it really hard to do. That said, there is no way this is intended behavior. I'm hopeful the devs are actually working on it right now and are aware but haven't heard much. Example below…definitely annoying!
  3. Signed up for an account just to cosign this request. Separated Mode is irritating to use, my document always has it's top bar area (title/Mac buttons to minimize, maximize, close) behind the top toolbar, nothing snaps to the edges, maximizing the window goes behind panels instead. This tedium, along with there not being some list as far as I can tell of keyboard shortcut mappings to be more in line with Adobe are basically the two major things keeping me from using Affinity products in the long term. The keyboard shortcuts is not really poor experience per se, Affinity does it's thing which is fine, but some of us have been stuck in the Adobe ecosystem for decades and those shortcuts are ingrained muscle memory…however, the thing with Separated mode is really lousy UX. Please fix.

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