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  1. Hi, Could you add feature to export Affinity Publishers sheets to Microsoft Powerpoint, this feature will really helps!!! Thank you,
  2. I have changed the settings to 8-bit RGB, file size has reduced greatly, PDF 140 DPI size has greatly reduced, however 75DPI has very badly pixelated.
  3. Developer, please add feature to locate overflow text
  4. I have used Adode Indesign before, switched to Affinity publishers. I have created a new brochure in the Affinity publishers (fresh new document) , same images and contents earlier used for Adode Indesign. While I export PDF from Affinity publishers with high resolution settings the PDF export file is too large (100 mb),. without pixelating images but I need PDF of lower size; I have exported 75 Dpi PDF file size < 4mb, but all images are badly pixelating,. same PDF exported thro Adode Indesign, the PDF is 5 mb same DPI without Pixelating and quality is quite good. I am wondering Affinity publishers is really good in PDF export and optimised like Indesign. Could some one help. Thanks, GR
  5. PDF exported less than 150 DPI, shows pixelated and very poor resolutions. I need small size PDF, say less than 2MB. I use the same design on Indesign, it exports very small PDF yet good resolutions. Please fix PDF export issues urgently, otherwise this application is not powerful.
  6. I like to see the interactive has more features like "create buttons" , mouse rollover effect like InDesign features
  7. Hi, I have checked the fonts is "Optima" on both window and Mac,. This issue only on Mac, while I open in windows PC fonts are ok. I guess the software is not smooth on Mac and Windows, please check
  8. Hi, I have Affinity publisher for both Windows and Mac versions installed on different PC,. while I have opened the Publisher file on Mac (the file was initially created on publisher windows pc) . I can see lots of format issues like text are overflowing and many other format issues. Same files while opened on Publisher Windows versions all looks fine. Please help, why the software is not compatible with Mac and windows. Regards, BES
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