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  1. Brilliantly articulated — well done that man! The floating panel idea is great...please Affinity, get this feature sorted out. I should also mention that while I'm using Publisher, not Designer, then align tool functionality is the same.
  2. Just want to add my voice to this thread to say that I too would love to see the align function returned to the way it used to be. This change to the align dialogue seems completely unnecessary and is very annoying. Everyone's been used to it being the other way around, and now it's changed apparently for no real reason....if it ain't broke, don't fix it!
  3. Yes please! This would be a really useful feature.
  4. I would not mind, but it seems now that it would not be helpful, as the problem is no longer happening. As I said, when I recreated the export preset, the problem ceased, and it functioned correctly. I deleted the defective preset as soon as I discovered that it was the problem. So I can no longer recreate the scenario in which the gradient failed to render. Thanks though for your willingness to help. I can only imagine that the previous export preset I was using must have been corrupted somehow.
  5. I use XnView MP as an image library/browser, and I drag a lot of images from that program into my layouts in Publisher. I have a lot of layers, and the newly dragged item always goes to the top of the pile. Is there a way to place the dropped item above/below the currently selected layer?
  6. Thomaso, thank you for your explanation, which was helpful. I was using PDF version 1.7, so that should not have been a problem.
  7. Thanks for the reply. I understand that. I was just surprised that a gradient fill would be an "unsupported element". When I exported with "rasterize nothing", the gradient was lost. Only by rasterizing could I get the gradient to remain. I think the problem is solved now anyhow. There must have been some corruption in the export preset I created, because when I created a second preset with identical settings, the gradient exported correctly without the need to rasterize anything.
  8. Okay, there was something wrong with the pdf export preset that I created. When I recreated it using exactly the same settings, it exported fine, but when I went back and used the original preset, the same problem with the gradient occurred. I can't see any different between the settings on the two presets, but something must be wrong with the first one. Anyway, it seems to be working fine now with the updated export preset.
  9. Hi, I have used Adobe Indesign for many years as an amateur, and am now making the switch to Publisher (I used the beta since its release). I have a project which makes a lot of use of empty boxes with a gradient fill, white to transparent with the starting opacity of the white at about 80%. When I export to pdf, the gradient is no longer there; the whole box is filled with solid white at 80% opacity. I can make it export correctly by changing the export settings to rasterise unsupported elements, but this causes other elements to be rasterised which I do not want be rasterised. Can gradients really be an unsupported element in Publisher? Thanks so much for your help.
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