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  1. Agreed. I apologise to those people. But it certainly is a major block for my personal design creation workflow.
  2. PS, As a designer of 20yrs odd. I know many many other Web Designers who are still working away in Fireworks who would love to find a replacement. Fireworks has been kept alive with its many plugins (svg import/export, automatic layer exports, node power selections, selection to path etc etc). But Fireworks has bad font rendering ever since MS sued adobe for using its font alias engine. And now Fireworks CC is officially not offered as download option anymore in Creative Cloud. The software has so much potential. And I could do without certain features. But non destructive free transform is not one of them, and to be honest I am also really missing selection to curve. Those 2 and I would be happy. I am racking my brain trying to think of how I can export the curve to another vector tool, do a free distort, and then bring it back again as a svg. Just to get around this roadblock. Also, where do we get to vote for features, and see a roadmap etc?
  3. Its pretty simple. I need to distort a group/layer/object/path/curve or whatever you want to call it. Exactly like below. You could not possibly be designing anything of note without the ability to do this??? I am not talking about a free envelope tool. Just to distort without the output being forced into a raster image as is the case in Affinity Photo. And @Alfred you can deflect by pointing fun at my copy or you can provide constructive feedback. I specifically purchased this suite as a replacement for Fireworks (20yrs old). Look at this video for reference. If there is way, please tell me as without this I am now seriously considering buying a mac to use Sketch.
  4. This tool is destructive to Curves and converts the output to an Image. I am honestly going to re-install Fireworks again. I really though designer would be the one.
  5. This is a terrible solution What if you have objects that are complex and don't just have a set of top or bottom points. How to trapeze transform and object to a 3rd plain?
  6. Guys, I cannot for the life of me figure out how to Create a Curve from a Bitmap selection. Any help appreciated.
  7. I agree.. this is major issue. I know you say its not trivial to fix. But why free software programs like Photopea support text psd export but a paid professional software like Affinity Designer does not???
  8. Ok, it appears I may be wrong. I am using a tool called Photopea to convert the pdf to a psd and for some reason it is opening at double the size. THe reason I am using Photopea to do the conversion s because when exporting as PSD from Affinity it is flattening my text. So needed a free in between tool to convert it with font text. Does anyone know if any other free tool to do this?
  9. This one is pretty simple to duplicate. When I export to pdf. The export is double the size of the actual export. e.g. my Canvas was 1000px wide. When I export it comes out in PDF as 2000px wide?
  10. Guys, this one is killing me. I am using Adobe XD for prototyping and for spec exporting. However, the text being converted to images is a death blow. Affinity does not even need to worry about all these cloud prototyping and exporting tools if they can just fix the export to psd. There is also a problem with masks not being correctly formatted. Yes, I can export to PDF and then use something like Photopea to then export to PSD. But the problem is the pdf export is exporting at double the size? i.e. my canvas is 1000 pixels wide, its exporting as 2000
  11. vote++ One my major issues is creating spec documents for developers. Obviously currently this is not available in affinity designer. However there are various companies that offer the ability to create design specs from PSD files. Which is great, because I can at least export the psd from Affinity Designer. However, the text is being rasterised during export so none of the font-color, font-size information etc is available in the spec. As a work around, I have exported as pdf, and then used photopea. A free tool, that will import the pdf, and export as PSD, with the fonts. I then use this generated psd to generate my Design Specs.
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