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  1. Just needed to reset my Brush library, now I can't import anything. Any sort of time frame on the solution? Deleted 1.7.2 and downloaded 1.7.0 and started from scratch.
  2. How could I have not noticed that. What a muppet! Appears to be correct once ticked. Thank you Callum.
  3. Designer destroys colour when you export. Trying to recreate a simple banner for a website - identical to those I used to create in Illustrator. Re-creating the Designer file is no issue at all and looks exactly as it does in the .ai file. However when the time comes to export it is a whole different ball game. The results of exporting are vile. Original Designer file and resulting .jpg export are included. layout_jobs_smuggle_banner.afdesign
  4. Just started using AD, trying to move away from Adobe. 3 Different places where you have to find gradient information? It isn't very intuitive for new users. It's taken me 3 hours of hunting to find everything just to place a 10 degree gradient on some text. The help guides are anything but. I like the look of AD so far and seems to be a very good replacment for Illustrator, just seems a little bit of logic is missing in some area.

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