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  1. Even zipped the file is almost 7GB, so I think something maybe wrong with that file. To large to uplaod to the drop box, i'll reset brushes in preferences and see if it changes things. Thank you for responding though.
  2. Using the latest 1.8.2 download, Mac OS 10.12.6. Since updating to 1.8.2, I cannot import any .abr file. It just causes the application to freeze. I have tried different .abr files and files from different sources. Anyone else have this issue or am I special? Have included one of the .abr files that is causing the issue. ARTOMATIC_Industry.abr
  3. So it's now clsoing in on the end of 2019 and still no sign of this feature ever appearing. Been trying to re-design some old images that were originally designed in Illustrator CS5. Sadly cannot complete the task as Text manipulation is still not possible. If anyone says "it's on the roadmap", this must be the longest roadmap in the history of Software development. Just when I think I can cut all cords with Illustrator, I find another basic funtion of a Vector Design program nowhere to be seen.
  4. Been getting this in Affinity Designer from the get go (1.7.0). Mac OS X. Although you can still set all the other aspects of the document correctly, if you choose a Web Document and SAVE it, when you re-open the same document it should still be a Web Document not have returned to the default of Print. Happens all of time for me.
  5. Just needed to reset my Brush library, now I can't import anything. Any sort of time frame on the solution? Deleted 1.7.2 and downloaded 1.7.0 and started from scratch.
  6. How could I have not noticed that. What a muppet! Appears to be correct once ticked. Thank you Callum.
  7. Designer destroys colour when you export. Trying to recreate a simple banner for a website - identical to those I used to create in Illustrator. Re-creating the Designer file is no issue at all and looks exactly as it does in the .ai file. However when the time comes to export it is a whole different ball game. The results of exporting are vile. Original Designer file and resulting .jpg export are included. layout_jobs_smuggle_banner.afdesign
  8. Just started using AD, trying to move away from Adobe. 3 Different places where you have to find gradient information? It isn't very intuitive for new users. It's taken me 3 hours of hunting to find everything just to place a 10 degree gradient on some text. The help guides are anything but. I like the look of AD so far and seems to be a very good replacment for Illustrator, just seems a little bit of logic is missing in some area.
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