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  1. Hi Haakoo Sorry - OS is Mavericks (OS X 10.9.5 (13F1911)) iMac Mid 2011
  2. Is it me? I cannot find how to adjust the margins with latest build.... Any ideas? Thanks
  3. Thank you so much, toltec. I had been struggling with this. I really appreciate your quick response and answer. Kind Regards Austen
  4. Greetings one and all So, I have this collage that I'm making - it consists of four photos vertically placed. My old eyes can't cope with the dimensions shown between images when I move them. Is there an automatic way to distribute them in order to make my life simpler? Many thanks
  5. Just to round this off..... I have found Pixillion by NCH software - there are Windows and Mac versions. I chose the Windows one (on a trial) and it does the job well. I decided to purchase the full program. The maximum batch size in the trial version is a mere five. A batch of some 20,000 is being covered as I write..... The plan is to move the folder from Windows to Mac and make use of it there. Thanks again, and I hope that if someone stumbles across this thread, the info is useful. Cheers. Mitch
  6. Thanks Guys Thank you for the suggestions. Exporting the files is problematic because they are on Windows. I have Parallels running. The Metafile to EPS Converter does the job, but can only deal with one file at a time. I really need a batch converter... I'll keep looking Mitch
  7. Greetings - Oh, and Happy New Year...... I have a large collection of WMF's (which I got from Serif when I used their products. )Thy are not readable with Affinity. They are too good to waste and now that I'm Mac orientated, I would like to convert these somehow into a format that Affinity recognises... Does anyone have a suggestion for a conversion program - not too expensive - that can do the task? I am not interested in the online conversion route. Is EPS the best option to convert to? Cheers Mitcherooney
  8. So I typed in affin.co/core_skills_artboards.afdesign (as per page 71) and all I get is an Error 404 - page not found. Clearly I am doing something wrong. Would some kind soul please enlighten me? I'm old, so be gentle. Thanks
  9. Thanks for the information. I previously had been following the tutorials on https://affinity.serif.com/en-gb/tutorials/photo/and it is from there that they have disappeared. This web page doesn't seem to have any connection with Vimeo..... But I see that the tutorial that I was interested in is indeed available through the link that Lee provided, so thanks again.
  10. Some of the newer ones seem to have gone walkabout. For instance, Tutorial: Channels: Creating/Storing Selections - that seems to have gone. I think there are three others. All of which appear to be the latest additions... I have cleared my browsing cache in case I'm being led to an earlier 'edition' of the site. The latest one shown is 'Non-Destructive in painting and cloning. Puzzling.
  11. Have some of the Photo tutorials been discarded - or is it me? Thanks
  12. Tutorial: Channels: Creating/Storing Selections I am endeavouring to follow the above tutorial on my own image. Early on, with the Channels option selected I do not have 'Pixel Red', 'Pixel Green', 'Pixel Blue' or 'Pixel Alpha' available. What am I missing? Thanks
  13. Thanks MBd! Ifeel such an idiot. I thought that I might have to reinstall the program…… Much appreciated - Mitch
  14. Along the top, down the side…please help a simple soul who cannot figure this out….. Thanks M
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