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  1. @MEB are there any news about this issue? I’m because of this still stuck with 1.6.7
  2. Hanterdro

    Nik Collection

    Yeah, it would be really nice if you could support HDR Efex Pro 2! And if you also add "real" backwards compatibility for the adjustment color filter, I would back my peace with Affinity Photo 1.7
  3. Hanterdro

    Nik Collection

    @MEB Is it possible that you fix the HDR Efex Pro 2 Plugin in a future version of Affinity Designer? We could argue that Affinity's Photo Shop plugin API is not compatible enough, instead of that’s a NIK Collection bug Cheers
  4. Thank you for the response. Well, If you can’t convert the values from the old system to new system, why not just let old filters be old filters and add an info into the slider dialog that the old algoryhtm is used? If we want to use the new filter, we would have to delete the old filter by hand and add a new filter. Then you don’t have to convert the values and we still have backwards compatibility. I think backwards compatibility is very important. How can I trust a software, where I’m afraid of that I can’t edit old files probably, just because of update?
  5. Hanterdro

    Nik Collection

    Converting to RGB 8/16 bit is not fixing for me the HDR Plugin with Affinity 1.7.1 and NIK Collection 2
  6. Again the question to the Affinity Team, will this behavior in a future update fixed? Or is it intended, that the colors are off again as soon as you adjust the color selection filter from a pre 1.7 file? I think backwards compapility is very important, if you want to compete with Adobe...
  7. Yes, I now. I could also just adjust all the filters manuelly by hand, so that they are very similar to my previous one. But this is not an option for me. I expect backwards compatibily. And if Affinity doesn't deliver this, then Affinity is no longer a Photo Shop alternative for me.
  8. Yeah, but this isn't really an option for me. It's important that the original images are not "destroyed". And I have to many of these images to adjust them all manually. It would be really nice, to get feed some feedback from Affinity, if they plan to fix this "bug" in a future version... or if this will stay broken by design?
  9. I honestly find that unacceptable. It can't be that once an old file is only slightly modified, the colors are completely broken. From the user's point of view this is a bug and should be fixed. I will stay at 1.6.7 until this is fixed. Is Adobe more reliable than Affinity when it comes to file/version compatibility? I've never tried Photo Shop, but if Affinity can't do it, I'm seriously thinking about making a long-term switch.
  10. Still broken with 1.7.1 What is fixed: * Initially the colors are fine What is broken: * As soon you move the slider, the colors are off again (e.g. click on the same position)
  11. Hanterdro

    Nik Collection 1 Issues

    I used before the free Google version, and from my understanding that‘s what will be fixed here.
  12. Hanterdro

    Nik Collection 1 Issues

    great to hear... so all plugins from Nik 1.x will work again? To bad, that I bought 2.0, because I expected that 1.x will never work again And the worst thing is that with Nik 2.0 the for me very important HDR plugin is not working *sigh* Wasted 100 bucks because of that
  13. Hanterdro

    Affinity Photo Customer Beta (

    Any chance that you can also fix the NIK HDR plugin?
  14. Hanterdro

    Nik - HDR Efex 2

    Not sure if this is a good or bad news: I just tried NIK Collection 2 with Affinity Photo 1.6.7 -> Same error as with 1.7. The HDR Efex plugin doesn't load images.
  15. This is fixed, as soon there’s a new version with a fix