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  1. Thank you for the clarification. But I think it's clear that I'm already pretty disappointed. I have a lot of files that build on each other with old algorythmus and if I have to update them and adapt them afterwards, it is almost impossible. Can't you at least automatically convert the values of the old algrothm to matching values of the new one?
  2. Still no news about a fix for the issue with the backwards compatibility of the Selective Color Filter? I’m still using 1.6.0 because if this
  3. if you adjust the old filter a little everything is totally off, as soon as you move the slider. practically you can‘t adjust 1.6 files in 1.7 with the color adjustment filter. the reason is the use the new filter with the old values, because they are too lazy to auto convert the values of the old filter to the new one.
  4. exactly that‘s the issue. the correct way would be use the old filter for files from 1.6 or convert the values to the new filter. the current solution is just bad
  5. and selective color filter is broken as soon you change a value of the filter. backward compability of affinity is hilarious I don‘t think they are interested in fixing it...
  6. So... 1.7.3 is released and this issue is still not fixed Do you plan to fix it, or do you leave it in the broken way it is?
  7. @ Affinity So... is there a change to you implement at least in 1.7.3 an option to use the old Selective color adjustment live filter method, as you did it for the Shadows and highlights filter?
  8. Uh... just saw the newest 1.7.2 beta changelogs: - Shadows and highlights filter can now use either the 1.6 or 1.7 method. Exactly THAT would be for me a valid solution for the Color Selection Filter, if an automatic conversion is too difficult.
  9. So... still not any news about it? I would be happy if I would know that you have at least the intention to improve the backwards compability of the selective color filter
  10. @MEB are there any news about this issue? I’m because of this still stuck with 1.6.7
  11. Yeah, it would be really nice if you could support HDR Efex Pro 2! And if you also add "real" backwards compatibility for the adjustment color filter, I would back my peace with Affinity Photo 1.7
  12. @MEB Is it possible that you fix the HDR Efex Pro 2 Plugin in a future version of Affinity Designer? We could argue that Affinity's Photo Shop plugin API is not compatible enough, instead of that’s a NIK Collection bug Cheers
  13. Thank you for the response. Well, If you can’t convert the values from the old system to new system, why not just let old filters be old filters and add an info into the slider dialog that the old algoryhtm is used? If we want to use the new filter, we would have to delete the old filter by hand and add a new filter. Then you don’t have to convert the values and we still have backwards compatibility. I think backwards compatibility is very important. How can I trust a software, where I’m afraid of that I can’t edit old files probably, just because of update?
  14. Converting to RGB 8/16 bit is not fixing for me the HDR Plugin with Affinity 1.7.1 and NIK Collection 2
  15. Again the question to the Affinity Team, will this behavior in a future update fixed? Or is it intended, that the colors are off again as soon as you adjust the color selection filter from a pre 1.7 file? I think backwards compapility is very important, if you want to compete with Adobe...
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