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  1. V_kyr Sorry I misstated my question. What I meant to ask was pdf for print vs pdf/x4. My document was developed in cmyk. So if it was done in rgb will pdfx4 convert it? I took my document to a printer to get an edge to edge proof and used pdf for print and it looked great, colors very saturated. The print didn’t ask any questions - he just said give me a pdf. So what does PDfx/4 do differently or better? Both options have a “more” button. Again the tutorial on this topic does not go into much depth. Thanks again Rich
  2. I was using the color picker to chose colors and understandably got slightly different results depending on where i selected in a font. Now I have a swatch panel with a lot of slight variations of a color and would like to erase / reset the swatches panel to make it easier to pick the colors that i want. I do not know if this can be done. Can I produce a swatches palette of several colors for a project and save and reload them to be used in another related project? Thanks in advance. Rich
  3. I am exporting my document for printing and used pdf export for print option in Publisher. After reviewing the tutorials on print export the presenter mentions using PDF/X 4 for CMYK printing and print for web as another option. I am not sure when to use one vs the other. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance. Rich
  4. How can I get the second line (continuation of the first line) of a bullet to line up with the text and not the bullet? I do not see it in the styles option of the bullets. Thanks in advance Rich
  5. I have a page with a background image. Overlaying the entire image is a low opacity rectangle. The background image relates to a specific aerial photo market. On top of this I have placed a large cameras lens. Currently I place a circle image related to the background over the camera lens. The image sort of relates to the specific market. Ideally I would like to create a cutout of the filter to reveal the background image. I would create a cutout on the camera lens in PS. This way the reveal in the lens would be the exact image not one related to the market and provide for "call out points" Can this be done or would I have to create both cutouts in PS? Thanks Rich
  6. I am able to upload attachments thanks.
  7. I have a circular image overlaying a cameras lens and want to put a round border around it. I tried the typical function keys associated with this type of action and they seem to work but when I use the cntrl key to scale the ht and wt dimensions are never the same. The other FN keys seem to modify the picture frame from a lower left anchor point and scale from that point. Can this be changed/ A second question. When I use the forum to ask a question i log in. I compose the questions and when I try to add a reduced size image, I get a -200 error. I am still logged in ( according to the UN in the upper Rt corner but the work around is to log in again. Is there a timeout function associated with a start new topic? Thanks in advance. Rich
  8. Ignore the arrows
  9. In my business card example my name is surrounded by a bounding box W/O any white space to the left and right. Contrasting it to the other text fields that have white space to the left and right of the text field. Why the difference? Can I create text fields w/o this white space.? Or do i have two drag the handles in to adjust each field? Thanks in advance. Rich
  10. I am designing a business card with one logo and several typical lines of text. All items are one line and will be vertically centered. I wanted to align all to the center and selected all of them and selected alignment / center. The alignment did not look right. but it did complete the command. I had the grid on for visualization. I thought I would try and center each separately. I selected just the logo and did the same command and it repositioned the logo and it now looks correct. Then I selected all the remaining text lines and did the align command and they lined up in line vertically with the logo. Question is why did this happen. Rich
  11. Somehow when I clicked on elements in my business card it showed the dimension between the edge of the element and the left margin and other measurements. How did this happen I am not able to recreate this and it would be a very useful tool. Rich
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    Thanks All !
  13. My business card design shows a jagged line under my email and web UR. It seems to be an auto generated hyperlink. However in PDF preview the line does not show up. What is it?
  14. I would also find this useful.
  15. Can you name the various pages in a document? For example I am doing a trifold and would like to name the pages - inside and outside vs page 1 etc. A multipage brochure might be easier to locate a specific page with a name vs page number. Rich