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  1. Hi I have noticed there is no function to be able to paste in place. For example, if you had an image on a double page spread which was on the left page. When you copy this and paste it to another double page it will appear on the left page and have to be dragged over. It would be great if you could paste special - "paste in place" which replicates the location on the page within the page you have selected. This would be especially helpfully when creating seamless front and back covers. This is available in InDesign and would be really helpful in Publisher
  2. clyall90

    New Beta Update

    im on build 404 and everything is sorted
  3. clyall90

    New Beta Update

    @walt.farrell it is showing the right build, however still asks me to update every time I open the software.
  4. clyall90

    New Beta Update

    @carl123 it is still asking to update the when i open it so will just ignore wanted to advise still showing update required.
  5. clyall90

    New Beta Update

    @carl123 it shows (Beta)
  6. Hi, I have downloaded and updated my Affinity publisher, however, when I open the software it's still advising me that there is an update. I have restarted my machine since the update and the same thing is happening. P.S looking forward to product launch. Thanks in advance. Clyall90
  7. clyall90

    AP Crashes when printing

    Jon P this issue has been rectified with the most recent update. Thank you
  8. clyall90

    AP Crashes when printing

    thanks Jon P for the update
  9. clyall90

    AP Crashes when printing

    Thank you at Jon P & Emmrecs01 i have now sent over the file
  10. clyall90

    AP Crashes when printing

    Hi Jon P Can I send it to you directly as don't want to openly share the document? Thanks Callum
  11. clyall90

    AP Crashes when printing

    Hi Jon P It only seems to be the file that is attached in the video. Thanks
  12. Hi Since the most recent update when i try and print Publisher is just crashing and not actually sending anything to the printer. I have attached a video of the error to show the process. Thanks Clyall90 Printing_Crash.swf
  13. When copying in png images the image is appearing with a black background. To resolve this I have to save the image and then import it as an image. It would be great if you could just copy in a PNG from the web or another source. Thanks Clyall90

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