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  1. I tried all the above suggestions to change the default text font from Aerial, 12 pt, Black to a different font and it did not work at all. I currently have Affinity Photo Ver. installed. Any suggestion? I was able to change the font globally with Ver. 1.7.
  2. DxO Nik Collection 2.5 still cannot load automatically Affinity Photo 1.8 as a host program during setup after Affinity Photo 1.8 is installed in the PC. The alternative is to open Affinity Photo 1.8 and add the 8 Nik Collection plugins manually. Nik Collection 2.5 can find and load my other programs of Photoshop Elements and Lightrooms but not Affinity Photo 1.8, even I try to add it in the setup window during the installation of DxO Collection 2.5. On a positive note, Viveza plugin is now working without the strange color distortion on the photo. A bug in Affinity Photo or DxO Nik Collection or both? I notified DxO as well of the issue.
  3. Hello: I just read the Overview page of Affinity Photo saying it supports for DxO Nik Collection 2.5 and DxO Nik Collection 2.5 announces it is compatible with Affinity Photo 1.8. I wonder if Affinity Photo 1.8 is now availble for upgrade. The version of Affinity Photo I now have is If not, when will be the release date of Version 1.8? Thanks!
  4. Hi Chris: Here are the raw files of the photos. Hope you can open the .NEF photos! I also attach the exported jpg photos of these files opened today with the earlier Affinity Photo version which seems to be working OK still. I found this out yesterday as I played around in trying to narrow down the issue. I presume there is something missing in the later AP version This issue only happened to me at the start of this week. Thanks. Kind regards, Tong 070603-096.NEF 070929-069.NEF
  5. I am having the same issue, dark RAW photos with weird color hue, that popped up only a few days ago. Here are examples a photo opened with Affinity Photo vs with Photoshop Elements that gives truer brightness color tones than Affimity Photo. They are both straight conversion from RAW to JPG with no adjustment.

    070603-001(Opened with Affinity Photo).jpg

    070603-001(Opened with Photoshop).jpg

  6. When I open photos captured in RAW format with Nikon D70 camera with Affinity Photo, the colors come out very off. For information, I attach herewith 4 images: 2 for each RAW photo opened with Affinity Photo and Photoshop Elements that gives a truer color. Raw photos taken with other newer Nikon DSLR cameras are opened OK in Affinity Photo. What are the cause and solution? Thank you!
  7. After updating Windows 10 to Version 1909 a week ago, I began to have a crash issue starting in the last couple of days: the program freezes to a stand-still operation when I save a file for the second time in the Save-As mode to .AFPHOTO. I can perform the save-as in .AFPHOTO for the first time with no issue, but the program goes into a freeze mode (but no BSOD, thanks God!) when I do another Save-As operation, and the only way to close the program is to cancel the task in Task Manager. Using the Save mode, there is no problem at all! The Affinity Photo version being installed used is Version I did try unintall and reinstall the program to no avail! Does anyone experience this same issue? What is the suggested fix?
  8. Thank you! I installed the Windows 10 updated Version 1909. It worked fine for a short while until yesterday, I ran into an issue in Affinity Photo that again freezes up, no BSOD thanks God, when saving my work to .afphoto. The only way to get out is to close the task via Task Manager. The strange thing was that a backup file was created by Affinity Photo (I guess!) with a pre-assigned file name that is limited to only 9 characters with letter, character & number, and cannot be changed. Did you anyone have this issue?
  9. I purchased Affinity Photo from MS Store over a year ago and it worked smoothly with Windows Version 1809. Since I upgraded to Windows Version 1903 on August 2019, I ran into problems with Windows update KB 4517389 that gave the BSOD right after installing the update on Nov. 11, 2019, and most recently as of Dec. 14, 2019 with Windows update KB 4524570 that shut down the AF Photo program (without BSOD) while saving a file in save-as mode to ".afphoto". In both instances, upon uninstalling these 2 updates, KB4517389 & KB 4524570, AF Photo worked fine again. Fom now on, I will try to delay any MS-issued Cumulative Windows Updates for Version 1903 as long as possible until a permanent fix is availble. I don't whose fault is it but kind of suspecting it's from MS!
  10. Upon installing Windows update KB4524570, Affinity Photo crashed when I saved a photo file to .afphoto. The program just closed. Upon uninstalling the update, it worked fine again. Same issue with Windows update KB4517389 with an exception of the BSOD that came on. What are the causes and is there any permanent fix? I am on Windows version 1903.
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