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  1. Hi Everyone! I'm not sure if this has been asked already, but can I use Affinity Designer, Photo and Publisher 1.8 for free. I already purchased the 1.7 versions of all 3 programs but when I checked the website all I see is an option to pay 49.00 again. Regards, Misstheresa2009
  2. Thanks Everyone! BTW, I am printing out this thread so I can refer to it later. Regards, misstheresa2009
  3. Okay, thank you so much for that information. The last thing I want is to have problems with Serif.
  4. BTW, I plan to hire freelancers to help out with large projects. I want them to use Affinity Designer. In your opinions, should I purchase licenses for each contractor? I want to make sure that all of us are using legally downloaded software. What would you suggest? I apologize for being in the dark about this, but I just want to make sure no one who works for me violates any copyright laws. Regards, misstheresa2009
  5. Hello! Thanks for the quick responses! If I understand both of you correctly this means that I can install Affinity on my computer and use it for business purposes. But if my son uses the second computer that I own to complete projects for clients then I will have to purchase a second license? I have a home-based business and my son will soon be working with me and we will be using two separate computers in the same room. I just want to make sure that the work we create for our clients will be free of any copyright problems.
  6. Hello Everyone! I just purchased Affinity Designer this weekend and I need to know if I can install Affinity on two separate computers. To install it on a second computer will I have to get another license? Regards, misstheresa2009
  7. Hello Everyone, Does anyone know if Affinity Designer or Photo will be available for 32 bit windows systems? I downloaded a trial and I was unable to install it because I don't have a 64 bit system. Regards, Misstheresa2009 :)
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