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  1. I use an alternate Firefox profile that doesn't use NoScript for these kinds of things. It is set to private mode and saves no history, cookies, etc.
  2. The tl;dr is Orange & Teal are compliments so it's supposed to make images *pop*.
  3. No, this won’t work. The licenses are different for Windows and Mac. You would need the Mac versions installed for StudioLink to work. StudioLink can’t work across a VM like Parallels.
  4. A Welsh Dictionary can be found here. http://troi.org/en/hunspell-cy.html Download the .XPI file and rename the extension to .ZIP and extract it. If you're on Windows, copy cy_GB.aff and cy_GB.dic to C:\ProgramData\Affinity\Common\1.0\Dictionaries\cy-GB. You will have to create the cy-GB folder. I don't know the Mac folder to copy to.
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