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  1. How about if we signed into the programs with our Affinity account and this account kept preferences synced between the programs? Not sure if that would require a significant amount of cloud server space though.
  2. Josh Eddie Photography

    Automatic update

    Completely agree! That is one really nice thing about Creative Cloud is the manager of the different installed programs, install location, and automatic updates. Would love to see Affinity release something like this to manage all of the programs.
  3. Josh Eddie Photography

    Add Color Labels to Master Pages

    I actually did not realize the ability to apply more than 1 Master Page to a document page. That is actually really handy benefit! Perhaps making sections color labeled would be more beneficial than the Master Pages.
  4. Josh Eddie Photography

    Suggestion for sections

    I was noticing this myself last night. It was requiring me to manually count the pages to try to figure out the correct page I need to be on. Would be nice to see an accurate display of this.
  5. In Indesign you can apply simple color labels to Master Pages. This allows for quick recognition in the pages panel of what masters are applied to what pages. This is a really useful feature. Currently Master Pages in Publisher while they seem to work great all blend in together. I've attached an image of the pages panel for an Indesign document I have.
  6. Not sure if this is a bug or a missing feature, I figured I would start with bug. I can not use the up and down keys to change the leading of type within Affinity Designer. I can use these to adjust everything else in the character window except for leading.
  7. Josh Eddie Photography

    Object Styles, etc.

    Just downloaded publisher and immediately noticed the lack of object styles! Affinity this is an absolute critical feature to implement, hope it gets added before release.