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  1. THANK-YOU! Another restart and another attempt to install as admin, and I'm back to work!
  2. I'm having the same or a similar problem. I can't install the update, or even the full beta. Yes I've restarted. I have 1809 windows, and I've been running Publisher Beta for a while. I need this program! Any help would be appreciated. The notification is attached herein.
  3. I'll add my name to the list of folks who would like to see tables anchored within the text flow.
  4. Spine and cut! Thanks for expanding my technical vocabulary. That's exactly what I mean!
  5. I'd love to have the option of "aligning to inside/outside margin" when creating text styles, instead of just left and right. This is of specific help when doing headers and footers. By the way, I'm beyond thrilled to have an alternative to Adobe CS. I'm beside myself! Thank you a million times over.