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  1. Long story short: I realized I forgot to add 5 pages to the beginning of the document (cover page, table of contents, etc) because the tutorial I was using jumped straight into working with the manuscript. When I added the pages, it suddenly broke all my chapter headings and moved the text around, even thought the number of pages I had added allowed the first page to remain on the proper side of things. Thankfully, I was able to revert back to the time before it broke, so I didn't lose any of my (hard and tedious) work. So my question: Is there a feature where I can add the pages I need WITH
  2. Hey @Old Bruce, thank you so much! Saw this the other day when I was heading into work and forget to let you know that your advice was invaluable. Thank you so much friend!
  3. Sure thing! Here's the skeleton version. For reference I started to manually change the flow at the beginning then immediately realized it was going to take forever. DeathwishTemp.afpub
  4. Hey guys. I'm typesetting my wife's book, and for whatever reason, I can't seem to get the autoflow text to flow from page 1, and so on chronologically. Instead it's flowing to only odd numbered pages. What gives? Unfortunately, I've found only one AFPub self publishing tutorial, and the last time I did something like this was back in college on inDesign. Thanks!
  5. Ha! With smart objects being recognized now, does this mean that PSD mock-up files can finally be used appropriately? Even if not, thank you so much to the Serif team for their dedication to making something quality--and powerful.
  6. Hey there. So, in the current version of Designer, switching to a different window oftentimes causes three issues for me, but never all at the same time: the currently selected tool will be shown as my mouse pointer, rather than the tool. Makes drawing a pain and requires a program restart. Input will not be excepted by the program, i.e. I can't use any tool when I've clicked back into the program. Input will be incorrectly processed: i.e. every stroke I make becomes a straight line and cuts off quickly. Not really sure why these happen, but it makes drawing in designer fairl
  7. Hey there! So I recently began to use Photo and Designer for drawing. I've been loving DAUB's brush packs, but I've been running into issues where the lines are noticably unsmooth without line-smoothing enabled. Compared to say Clip Studio Paint, they look pretty bad. Kind of makes inking my pencils a major chore. For context, I'm using a Kamvas Pro 13 as my drawing tablet. I've got the latest firmware installed, so the awful pen wobble present a year ago is cancelled out. Can anybody shed some light on how they accomplish better line quality if they're u
  8. Guys, I just want to do a simple thing (see below). So, I can accomplish the look that I want, but it's not correct. In theory the geometry tool should be able to allow me to select the shield, and the rectangle, then just cut out the sides that the rectangle intersects with. Instead, it redraws the lines, and gives me two shapes, instead of just a spliced shape. Basically all I did was create the shape, then place a white filled rectangle in it. When I got to save it, and eventually print a variant of this, that silly rectangle is going to show. It was always so easy in Illus
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