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  1. Wish I had the answer to this one. I need precisely the same function but haven't fathomed it yet. Have to resort to PS as and when required. There will be a way to do this in AP, and one day we'll find out!
  2. All objects placed outside of page area are still there, but only visible in key-line view. I you wish to see all off-page objects in normal view, then you need to convert your "page" into "canvas".
  3. Yes, that's precisely what I have been wondering too. Having played around with AP in this regard, still haven't found a solution. Pretty sure there will be one, however.
  4. For graphics, text, illustration and design composition, a vector drawing application such as AD is essential. If your designs are to incorporate photographs or other bitmap images, then a bitmap app such as AP is equally important. In addition, when you appreciate the fact that, not only do both Affinity apps dovetail together so well that workflow is greatly enhanced, and that they are also great value for money, you would be short-changing yourself by not acquiring both. PS. I only discovered these Affinity apps a couple of months ago, prior to which I had being using older,
  5. I'm in a similar position to yourself, except about six weeks ahead of you. Rather than Illustrator, I much preferred the application that was once its main rival (until its acquisition by Adobe for the sole purpose of killing it off and hiking their prices as a direct result). I am referring, of course, to Aldus/Macromedia/Adobe FreeHand. Together with Photoshop and Quark Xpress, FreeHand was/is the bedrock of my graphic design work. I continue to successfully use all three apps in life support mode on aging Mac G4s, but recent developments in my business are increasingly neces
  6. Disappointingly, AD does not have a tracing function. I have only just discovered the Affinity brace of apps (soon to become a trio), having hithero been a FreeHand, Photoshop & Quark Xpress user, and I am quietly impressed with my new acquisitions. I am gradually compiling, however, a growing wish list of missing functions that I think would benefit the apps by their inclusion, and a trace facility for AD is definitely one of them.
  7. Cannot find any reference to how the nodes are supposed to be deleted, but when right-clicking on a Mac, the node simply remains in position.
  8. Thanks for advice on topics 3 & 5. With regard to topic 6, nothing deletes the nodes, including your suggestion, and which I've tried with both a Mac Magic Mouse, and a Windows two button mouse (I'm using a Mac, by the way). I have now (only just) fathomed the topic 4 conundrum. With the Pen Tool selected, a Control Key/Mouse-Click/Drag on a sharp node elicits the two control handles whilst simultaneously converting it, in situ, into a smooth node. However, when the Node Tool is selected, the very same action drags the sharp node, leaving both control handles in it's pr
  9. Yes, that's one one of many options I tried, and the Node Select tool cannot be used because Dynamics Tab Profiles are only accessible in Pixel Persona which eliminates the Node Tool from selectibility.
  10. Hi, I'm one of those sad individuals that actually reads/studies software manuals in the full knowledge that more is learned in less time, thus by exploring my newly purchased Affinity Deigner in conjunction with its companion Workbook, I have gradually but quickly compiled a short list of questions and observations that neither Affinity Help nor the Workbook have either answered or addressed, and some examples of which are listed below. I should also point out that I am a freelance graphic designer and long time enthusiast/advocate for the unfairly Adobe-retired Aldus/MacroMedia/
  11. Hi, I'm John Clark, a freelance graphic designer and long-time Aldus/Macromedia/Adobe FreeHand advocate/enthusiast. Despite being neither developed nor supported since it, together with other Macromedia titles, was acquired several years ago by Adobe with the express purpose of killing it off in favour of its own, and FreeHand’s main but inferior commercial rival, Adobe Illustrator, it remains an impressive piece of design/illustration software that, believe it or not, I continue to use, together with other “obsolete” and “irreplaceable” design applications and utilities, in life-support,
  12. To be fair, I have already signed up for said newsletter, together with purchasing the two Affinity Workbooks from yourselves. So I think I've got most eventualities covered.
  13. Recently purchased both Affinity Designer and Photo via Apple App Store, but found when first launching the products that neither offered the option to register them with Serif. I subsequently contacted Affinity support, and they agreed that there was indeed no registration process, and only products purchased through the Serif shop would automatically be registered. Indeed, even within this response I was not given the option to register manually via email so, to all intents and purposes, Serif will never have me on their database as a licensed customer, and raises the question of f
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