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  1. Perhaps we can have an "offset path" function worked in. I still want a tracer.
  2. How do you place effects like the ones S.L. Styles Vol 1 has created inside of text. IS there a mask or cutout of various parts? Is there a tutorial on how to achieve this? I have multiple things that I want to add to text with various effects or vector components (i.e. technological looking - circuit board or other)
  3. I feel like a dummy, but their may be another dummy out there
  4. I just installed the latest update and it is not showing layers. I've reset everything and it still does not show up. Also View/Studio/ they have check marks but not accessible. I really want to have layer viewing. I may be overlooking something.
  5. Can anyone tell me if Affinity Designer has a bitmap tracer or tracer in general? This feature is offered a lot in vector based software - but with all the great functionality of AD - is it available?
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