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  1. I work as a retoucher in the ecom industry and tried to get rid of PS and switch over to Affinity. Unfortunately, the pen tool doesn't work in a logical way at all and I also can't save the paths in a TIF or PSD format. It's a bummer but as long as Affinity is not taking care of those needs there is no way they will enter the pro market. I would love to see them starting a pro edition for their software. I would be happy to pay more for a more usable version of Affinity Photo.
  2. The hint line on the lower left is disturbing and not a real help while pathing and doing other tasks. Could you please add an option to turn off/on those hints? Thank you!
  3. Doing lots of product photography. There is no way to make the background white without any jagged edges. To do it right you need to work with paths and path every single item and later replace the background as a complete white background. I can tell you how to do it in PS, still on my journey to make it happened in AP. If anyone has a good workflow please let me know. Best
  4. Hi! Is there a possibility to turn off this help text on the lower left in Affinity Photo. Super distraction while pathing something since the text changes with every keyboard click. Thank you!
  5. Hi, I work in product photography and my clients need all their images clipped with the clipping path tool and also want to image delivered in TIF/PSD format including the clipping path. I usually work with Photoshop but are ready to jump ship since I am fed up with all the bugs in Photoshop. To make the jump I need to somehow export the clipping path I create in Affinity Photo within the PSD/TIF export so the client can just open it and see the path. Is there any workaround to export the clipping path in a file? Thank you!
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