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  1. I perfecly know what optical kerning is, and I'm afraid you are missing the point of my request, being uncapable of understanding the reasons behind my post.
  2. So your answer is "lmao who usez that?!" Affinity Photo should really consider that many users are not going to use fonts paid two times the cost of the software itself, but they'll use free fonts from public repositories, and I have over 1 thousands fonts like this, which I use dailiy, and are absolutely unusable on affinity. The thing is that such feature would appeal to a larger pool of consumers. It's not a priority? It's all right, I understand that there might more urgent features to be implemented, but for me, as for many others like me, this feature is crucial and lack of it is a deal breaker.
  3. Optical kerning is an absolutely necessary feature. Whenever you are using fonts that have no good kerning tables optical kerning takes care to modify differently the spacing between each letter and puntuation mark. Doing this manually, for each letter, would be an absolutely impossible feat to do even for a few sentences. I don't know why affinity decided that this feature wasn't necessary nor urgent, even if in 2016 was already discussed and requested. The lack of optical kerning makes it practically impossible for anyone working with slightly less used fonts to use affinity instead of photoshop. @Dave Harris I hope you really reconsider your stance on this matter, I'm sure many people need this as much as I do.

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