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  1. I bought Affinity Publisher when it was finally released, but I find myself still using PagePlus. As a PP user since version 2, the differences between the two programs are too much for me to pick up Publisher when I have something to do quickly. I have just needed to update my labels for the choir I am in and found that exporting from PP to Publisher via a PDF does not preserve the fact that there was a master page, nor does it allow me to print multiple labels to a page without some serious time being spent on reformatting the document. I feel that Serif has let its user down very badly with the lack of either a direct import process or a separate conversion program to convert PPP files to Publisher. I will still use PP until Serif gets their act together. I was planning to buy Publisher for Windows so I could work on either my Mac or PC, but at the moment Publisher is just not up to scratch for me. As a very long term customer, I am very disappointed and can see me looking at other packages if things do not improve soon, although I would loathe doing that as I have many years of PPP files that I still use as templates for new documents.
  2. This is really disappointing news. I've used PagePlus since version 2 and I'm really happy with it. However, I am really fed up with Microsoft Windows and have now bought a Mac. I only use my PC for PagePlus now and was quite hopeful when I was told that Serif are developing a Mac publisher program. Whilst most of my publications could probably be imported via a PDF version this is not ideal. If there is another product out there for Mac that would read ppp files then I would buy it. As it is I will probably keep my Windows PC and see what the free upgrade to Windows 10 brings!

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