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  1. @djb21au Here is what worked for me (see screenshot below). There appears to be a bug regarding which paragraph styles you can actually choose, though (see the thread below) so it may or may not work for you right now depending on which styles you're "allowed" to choose from.
  2. I don't want to throw the thread off topic again, but I was finally able to do this, I think, after a session of playing around with Regular Expression searches. The Find term that finally appeared to work as I wanted was (.+) (that is, left paren, period, plus, right paren) -- remembering to specify the style to be replaced. The Replace term was \1 (backslash, numeral one) -- similarly, remembering to specify the intended style.
  3. I'm so glad to hear that! I'm still on beta 283, so that's on me. Thanks for the heads-up, I'll be updating as soon as possible.
  4. I know that's how it's supposed to work, but what that typically does for me is reset the Y ruler along the edge of the document area with no effect on the Y reading in the Transform panel.
  5. The first attached screenshot is from Beta 283, showing that the Y ruler is counting all the spreads in the document down to the current spread (I think). NOT QUITE A WORKAROUND: I can restore the Y ruler, but only approximately, on a per-spread basis by dragging the ruler origin to the spread origin and immediately afterward creating a horizontal guide by dragging from the ruler. The second screenshot shows a guide snapped to a grid mark that I know for sure is 48 pt from the top of the spread. The file in question is kind of an old file, having been around (modified, re-saved, saved-as) since earlier betas. Might that be my problem? Thanks, SlateGrey
  6. This, a million times this. To be able to redefine a style using another, existing style would be a big help. But for APub to redefine the styles coming from Word/RTF/whatever because those styles are already defined in APub would be magnificent. My workflow goes like this: I receive manuscripts in a random word processor format and clean them up in Microsoft Word. And by "clean up" I mean assigning purpose-built character and paragraph styles throughout. So far so good. So when using InDesign (I'm stuck on CS5, woe is me, and I fervently desire a modern DTP application with a perpetual license that is not hideously expensive), I import the Word document and the styles map to the identically-named styles in the template document I've created ahead of time in InDesign. The Word document doesn't even have to remotely resemble the InDesign file (fonts, sizes, what APub calls "Decorations," etc.) as long as the styles work. (In fact it doesn't; I use different fonts in Word at larger sizes 'cause I can.) I really hope that APub can have this same functionality. APub is handling some things much better than InDesign CS5 did -- boxes and colored backgrounds for multiple paragraphs of arbitrary length makes a world of difference to me, thank you for that -- so I'm hoping the styles functionality can be upgraded, uprated, and made just as cool as the things I'm finding in the rest of the application. I'd simply rather assign the styles in Word and be done with it because I know when I'm finished in Word the document is already nice and clean. I want to use APub for the task of setting aside sidebars and adding images -- DTP stuff -- instead of wrangling text. Thanks for Listening, SlateGrey
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