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  1. Now that I come to think that, you must be right. Clearly too used to play with web publishing. If I remember correctly, Word has that functionality, but that's another thing. Still, I still think it would be a useful feature to have - couldn't Affinity Publisher be the first designer program to have it?
  2. Thanks! What I was really looking for was (transparent) spacing between cells, but there seems to be no such functionality. As I need to create some tables with 20+ rows, although a bit frustrating, adding dummy cells is an OK workaround for now. I do, however, hope that an option to manipulate the spacing between cells will be added later on.
  3. Was just hoping there would be a way to define the lines as transparent, but that's a good workaround - thanks!
  4. No, wait... It works nicely with colours, but when trying to set the spacing between cells to transparent, the issue remains. if I set a colour, is there a way to set it to be transparent? Setting a colour to match the colour of the page would be normally be ok, but when the paper/background has more than one colour, setting a single colour won't solve the issue.
  5. That's it! How did I miss that? Silly sausage, indeed. Thank you, @Michael117.
  6. Thanks @Michael117 for the reply. I've been playing with the Table panel, but haven't figured out how to create transparent spacing between cells. I draw a quick example what I am trying to test out.
  7. Hello all, I'm Karri. I've been using Adobe software off and on for couple of decades, but as I currently need the programs only for personal use, I was looking for an alternative solution. Some weeks ago I was told that there is a product family, which could be worth taking a look at. I did, and have now bought Affinity Photo and Designer, both of which are looking very nice indeed. Long live Affinity!
  8. Hello. I'm a newbie with Affinity Products (I've already bought both Photo and Designer) and am now giving the Publisher beta a go. There is very basic functionality I am trying to do, but simply can't figure out how to do it. Tried to search for an answer but no luck. So, the question, I've created a table, and although can nicely modify the settings within cells, I just can't find the functionality to create spacing between cells. Where can I find that?
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