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    iscom got a reaction from Yzerwing in Image Cutout Studio   
    After using AP for just two days I can see lots of useful  tools of PP have been dropped  such as "Cut Out",  Inserting image from scanner , changing Page size once you have created a page (ie, open with a A4 and now want to make it A3) , Mail Merge.   etc  I am sure there will be a  more yet to be discovered. 
    This was the Advantage of using PP it offered a lot without the need for using other software and still does. While AP may have many advantage it would have to improve a lot to compete with PP for ease of use
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    iscom reacted to jrkay in Ability to create a template   
    I agree, templates take much of the hassle out of starting a new publn. with all the style choices and tweeks relevant for that type of publn.
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    iscom reacted to Martin G in Cutout Studio   
    Thank you for Affinity Publisher Beta, I have looked forward to this since you announced a version to replace Serif Page Plus.
    At this stage I am disappointed, Page Plus was (is) a simple program with excellent features incorporated.
    I note that Affinity Publisher has not included Cut out Studio or Edit in Logo Studio as part of its features. I presume one would need to purchase Affinity Photo and Designer to access these controls or would it be possible to link Affinity Publisher to other platforms.
    Comments in your forum decries the fact that Affinity Publisher will not recognize .ppp files from Serif Page Plus only PDF files. I also have many Page plus files that I change from time to time, so it seems that I will be keeping my Page Plus x8 and giving a miss to Affinity Publisher for the moment.
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    iscom reacted to dmstraker in Needs more 'What the heck is this' overviews   
    We desperately need a 'what the heck is Affinity Publisher' set of descriptions and examples, even for Beta folks, giving a quick overview, showing what it can do, worked examples, etc.
    Well done folks!
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    iscom reacted to mhz in Won't buy affinity publisher if it is missing:   
    1.)  Start up assistant
    2.)  Mail Merge
    3.)  Ability to make labels
    4.)  Undo/Redo buttons
    5.)  print preview
    6.)  Cut-out studio
    7.)  Photo Lab
    8.)  Logo Studio
    9.)  Replicate Ability
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    iscom got a reaction from Alfred in Image Cutout Studio   
    Many thanks

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