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  1. I guess that's another reason for keeping PP
  2. Whilst I would agree the Ap price is a lot lower than Page plus and the other serif programs, I would say that there are many 1000s like me who already have paid for the Serif upgrades over the years not only for PP but for the whole range of serif programs and are satisfied with them would have continued to upgrade. At present, PP does everything I need plus my 8-year-old daughter can use PP with very little help from me. . .So Why Change? Now the beta version has ceased the chances of me ever getting to use AP has ceased also.
  3. Having tried Apu for a few days it has been come obvious that Apu cant hold a candle to PPx9 I know old habits die hard and many will see the befits of Apu but at this time I PP leaves Apu standing. There are so many facilities that are missing from Apu that PP has such as Studio Cut out, Photo Lab, Photo Edge Effects, the ability to insert images from Scanner, to use third party software from within PP and not being backward compatible with PP, the list goes on. Maybe in time APu may fill my needs, but right and judging by forum comments this looks unlikely. It’s like buying a new car and finding there is no Air conditioning, no Cruise control, no power steering, no Sat Nav, no spare wheel etc. and your old car did If the software works for you then it’s worth paying the price but if it does not even if it was free you have to pass. I will take another look at Apu in a few months and see if there are any improvements needless to say very disappointed after such high expectations.
  4. Will "Photo Edge Effects" be added to AP
  5. Many Thanks after a few tries I manage to work out how to do it using your photo edges. .How did you create the shapes? or did you download from another application
  6. I read jmwellborn comments with great interest nowhere did I say or imply others “where unhappy “ on the contrary many are happy with Apu my comment “judging by forum comments this looks unlikely” was meaning the facilities I would like would not be available on Apu The following statement confirms what I am saying .”. ‘ , and am already reaping the benefits of its close integration with Photo and Designer.. .” there lies the problem your using two other programs to achieve what PP does in one. Ok the two other programs maybe a lot more advanced but it's two programs I don’t need . I would agree the staff and many of the forum members have and are very helpful and what little I have learnt has come from the forum. I have been using PP since PP2 and bought each upgrade’s over the years and would have if there was a PPX20. I am a great believer you should be able to use any good software within 3 days of use, but if it not doing what you want it to do then you look other programs that will. OK I will try and look in the form every so often to see what improvements and updates are available. In the mean time will continue using PPX9
  7. Ok Will try again or maybe you can supply a section of shapes that I can add images I only want the images to be feathered at the edges BTW I don't have Photo so can I do this within Apu as fed10i has described Many Thanks
  8. Will they be adding the facility to add third party software within Apu as in PPx9
  9. Problem solved took a while, but got there its not easy when you have no manual to look at
  10. That seems to blur the whole image not the edges and not have designed shape's to chose from plus feathered edges
  11. This is a screen shot of PP X9
  12. I have no problem with "Frames" its "Photo Edge Effects" vignetting of images as seen in attached file
  13. I would like to see when you save a file it would add a number to the file each to you save i.e. untitled(1) untitled(2) untitled(3) or if you save a file with the same name would add number instead the all ready exists I have a screen saver when I save screen it give the image a number
  14. I Agree i sometimes create an object or such as contact details and save to assets on pp9 such as a QR Code then add to the poster or flyer I am creating
  15. Most of the photos I scan are "One Offs" never to be saved . . I make posters and banners for Birthdays, special occasions etc where the the client would give me a photo for me to scan, and produce a Large poster. But I can scan and send image to file on my PC but then maybe have to crop it , whereas scanning within PP I can just scan the part of the photo I need. The other thing missing in AP is the "Photo Edge Effects" which I do use a lot
  16. After using AP for just two days I can see lots of useful tools of PP have been dropped such as "Cut Out", Inserting image from scanner , changing Page size once you have created a page (ie, open with a A4 and now want to make it A3) , Mail Merge. etc I am sure there will be a more yet to be discovered. This was the Advantage of using PP it offered a lot without the need for using other software and still does. While AP may have many advantage it would have to improve a lot to compete with PP for ease of use
  17. I just discovered that you can use the Arrow keys to Nudge text or images in AP maybe I have misunderstood . . .I am learning fast this being my 2nd day of using AP
  18. Well its worked for me for a few years without any problems. . so there another reason to keep using PP But now I know to stop looking for it in AP unless ???? you never know
  19. I used this the other day to create a logo for my car so added a line extending the "C" with a line and needed to be precise but had to use the Arrow key But best of all you can see in real time the movements
  20. iscom


    I have now That's great many thanks The problem was if I and moved if the page I could not see the black text against the back background Will now post two new questions on about importing images from scanner ( is Insert on PP) and how to create image from text
  21. I would agree I use this a lot in PP when I am moving text and images I hope this will be added to Ap
  22. iscom


    The is a old but very true saying. . . " If it's not broken, Why try to fix it " (or words to that effect) I have been using PP MSDOS days from PP2 to PP X9 I am finding it hard to get use the dark back ground maybe when they publish the manual it will become easier to navigate around this DTP. I have been trying it a few times a day trying to get use to it ( if you don't will soon forget what you have learned)
  23. iscom

    Introduce Yourself

    Hi I am Paul Based in Galway (Ireland). . Today I thought I would try AP for the first time so over the day I opened and closed it few times each time I opened it I got a little better . The hardest part was finding where everything was i.e. the "undo" On the 3rd time of opening found it was under "History" I still need to know how to have a lighter back ground and if the icons can be a bit larger. Having use PP from the days of MSDOS (PP2) to PPX9 (r.i.p.) this is a giant step for me. But having got over my first day without any instructions or manual is a good sign. One thing has stood out, is that you have close a dialogue box before opening another one and when you do open one there are lots of options within the box. So the motto is "Little Each Day" together with "patience" Rome was not built in a day

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