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  1. Thanks Sir, for your reply. I figured the was going to be the only way. It would be an immense help to have the Asset tab allow me to choose my own file path for the assets.propcol file, and then read and write to the file at that location... no need to export, copy, paste, then delete the old, and import new. When my Asset library of advertised items contains 3000 plus products, the file size is massive, and time involved in this process becomes prolonged. The same goes with the stock tab. It would be great to have it work the same as with Unsplash (for example), but instead just searching a website I can search a directory on a local drive containing my own image assets. -Kevin
  2. Hello, I work on the same documents both at the office and home using a portable Hard Drive. I was wondering if was possible to link one Assets file on the portable HD so I don't have keep reloading assets to keep both locations updated? Also I have a large number of image files I use everyday and wondered if it's possible to use the stock window to link to a folder in your system or a portable HD for easy access and searching. Thanks, -Kevin
  3. Try exporting a .tiff in (PP8 or PP9) and select CMYK and in the bit depth section, this will open the option for transparency. It works when I import the .tiff in to Publisher. Hope this helps. I own both Designer and Photo Suites, they are awesome! So I've been using Photo to editing out backgrounds and then saving them as a transparent .tiff in CMYK.
  4. Could it be possible to add an option for your own local directory of photos to the stock tab?
  5. Hello, The new Publisher is really impressive. Due to new coding I've rebuilt my base template of a 6 page circular with great ease, but I noticed one feature I use every month is missing. In my monthly circulars I create with PP9 requires the process of removing the backgrounds of maybe 75 to 100 images per circular (a very easy process with PP9). Then some of these items can be used again in later issues, but any new products need this feature. Due to new coding is the plan for removing Image Background going to be done in Photo or implemented in to Publisher? Image editing isn't a problem, but over the last 4 years my product Image data base is about 2,650 images. Thanks, -Kevin
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