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  1. JPSports


    I just found that when I edit the tables it changes back to default.
  2. So I am having problems with Tables in Affinity publisher. They will not keep formatting. 1.) The text defaults to default Affinity text...Ie-- Arial. Even when I change it to something else. The text I change it to stays until I close the program and then when I reopen my work the Table has the original arial font. 2.) Also the texts in each individual column change back as well. If I have a column centered then it changes to a left default when I reopen it. I have never seen tables behave this way before. It has to be a bug
  3. JPSports

    Introduce Yourself

    Hello I am Jeff Place and I have been a longtime user of Serif products. Fell in love with PagePlus back in the early stages of development. Was on early beta testing team. I have been doing payout since 1991 and publishing a newspaper (now pdf digital). Also have done a ton of freelance work.
  4. I would like to have my publication with a consistent color swatch. I don't want 50 different colors or 10 shades of blue, etc. How can I make a swatch that has the same colors I like to use for each new publication I start? Also - is there a way not to have variants of a color (40% blue) continue to show up on the publication swatch? In InDesign, it does NOT show the varient of the color on the swatch
  5. I substituted the Segui UI font for Trebuchet and the print looks as intended. However, I prefer the Trebuchet font. Tried turning lit. off made no change. Onscreen everything looks fine but the print is where I'm having the problem. If I export as pdf and print in another program, it prints as intended. So the problem has to be an affinity print problem. I am using win10, latest version and the trebuchet font is the latest. Gill sans also has this issue.
  6. JPSports


    Thank You. somoeone told me the reason I'm having problems with the trebuchet font is that it is old. I don't know how to update it or where to get the newest font. Thanks.
  7. JPSports


    Thank you. I still have a problem with the artistic text tool. It always defaults to underlined and Times New Roman. Cant figure out how to change that default or "No Style."
  8. When i use the artistic text tool, it has a default I don't like. How can I change it? and I can't seem to figure out how to make permanent changes to styles like Body text, etc.
  9. I love the steps that Affinty Publisher is making in Beta. Although it is a tough learning curve, I enjoy it. I have some questions that I can't figure out....looking for help.... 1.) Is there a way to change defaults for text or colors? It is a cool feature to use the last text style used, but not always practical. 2.) How can I resize a pic that is on the page and keep the right proportions? 3.) How can I get layer effects t work on imported PDF's? 4.) Can I make a custom color pallette with only the swatches I want to use?
  10. I have been publishing a paper since 1991. I was involved in PP in the early stages and really enjoyed the program. I felt it as on the cusp of really being a solid program. However, I do not think the publishing world took it serous and Adobe InDesign kind of ruled there. ID was a cutting edge program with a lot of room for growth when it began. I couldn't afford the price so I stuck to PP. Now comes Affinity and although I like the direction and potential, it will be a huge step backward in features. Drawing lines is difficult. If you copy and paste lines or objects they lay on top of each other. (Do not stagger) Although it has huge possibilities, the WORKFLOW is extremely difficult. I understand this is beta stage and to be patient. Things that are so simple in Indesign or PP are not so easy in Publisher. If you use tables, there is an easy function to alternate fills so you don't have to do them by hand. Drawing lines is harder than it should be and working with picture frames is NOT easy. I say congrats to the Serif team on taking a bold step forward, but for old-times like me (I am 58), I don't have the years left to wait....If I was 30, yes. But I am not. I am disappointed that PP will no longer grow. I feel with a couple of improvements (like remembering your print settings - without having to save a setting. ID seems to do this...hmm)...a dark theme (easier on the eyes).....and a few other things...
  11. I often replace photos weekly in a set picture frame. Usually they are mug shots of athletes. How can I import a picture in a picture frame and manipulate the photo to the size needed? I could place a photo and crop it. But I like to adjust the pic so they are nice and uniform. Thank You
  12. JPSports


    Ok thanks. Appreciated. I am trying hard to like this program. But a lot of extra steps
  13. Looking for help. I draw a straight line with the pen. Then I select the move tool to move it and it disappears. This is more work than it should be.
  14. I agree. I understand the process for developing the program. Can’t believe a simple task like the line tool should be so hard. There are some nice things here but seems like a huge step backwards from where page plus has gone. Some of us won’t be around in ten years when needed features are added. I don’t want to use pp because it is a. Dead program and will never be developed further. Maybe open source the code so others can tweak it
  15. JPSports


    When I use the pen tool to draw a straight line, it draws if I hold shift key. But when I let go of the shift key, the line disappears.

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