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  1. JPSports

    Introduce Yourself

    Hello I am Jeff Place and I have been a longtime user of Serif products. Fell in love with PagePlus back in the early stages of development. Was on early beta testing team. I have been doing payout since 1991 and publishing a newspaper (now pdf digital). Also have done a ton of freelance work.
  2. I would like to have my publication with a consistent color swatch. I don't want 50 different colors or 10 shades of blue, etc. How can I make a swatch that has the same colors I like to use for each new publication I start? Also - is there a way not to have variants of a color (40% blue) continue to show up on the publication swatch? In InDesign, it does NOT show the varient of the color on the swatch
  3. I substituted the Segui UI font for Trebuchet and the print looks as intended. However, I prefer the Trebuchet font. Tried turning lit. off made no change. Onscreen everything looks fine but the print is where I'm having the problem. If I export as pdf and print in another program, it prints as intended. So the problem has to be an affinity print problem. I am using win10, latest version and the trebuchet font is the latest. Gill sans also has this issue.
  4. JPSports


    Thank You. somoeone told me the reason I'm having problems with the trebuchet font is that it is old. I don't know how to update it or where to get the newest font. Thanks.
  5. JPSports


    Thank you. I still have a problem with the artistic text tool. It always defaults to underlined and Times New Roman. Cant figure out how to change that default or "No Style."
  6. When i use the artistic text tool, it has a default I don't like. How can I change it? and I can't seem to figure out how to make permanent changes to styles like Body text, etc.
  7. JPSports

    Good so far

    I have been working every angle and so far so good. I am finding the alternating fill columns feature working with a sample that was provided. Is there a shortcut in the drop down boxes that give you a choice of alternating fills?
  8. JPSports

    trebuchet font

    Thank you I will do that. I just did a reinstall of win10 two months ago so not sure why they show up old. Also why would there be an issue with affinity publisher if NO OTHER PROGRAM has that same problem? Word, Excel, InDesign, PagePlus, etc?(Indesigt CC is the latest as are the MS programs. They all print correctly and if I export to pdf, the affinty file prints as intended. THANK YOU for your response. It is frustrating because when I used to do beta testing for PP, I was often told it was my problem. But it wound up a PP problem whenever I had an issue. My feeling is there is an affinity problem because it is the only program that does this behavior. Just like the PDF import issue that I have with pdf files that use embedded fonts test.afpub
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    OK I will try again. I will restart the program. Thanks
  10. JPSports


    I imported a pdf and tried using the layer effects but it didn't work. 2019 Ad PDF from Serif.pdf
  11. I love the steps that Affinty Publisher is making in Beta. Although it is a tough learning curve, I enjoy it. I have some questions that I can't figure out....looking for help.... 1.) Is there a way to change defaults for text or colors? It is a cool feature to use the last text style used, but not always practical. 2.) How can I resize a pic that is on the page and keep the right proportions? 3.) How can I get layer effects t work on imported PDF's? 4.) Can I make a custom color pallette with only the swatches I want to use?
  12. JPSports


    Thank you Walt that is helpful. I just thought it was cool that when I want to change a font, the ID font drop box shows the preview in the samples rather than the name of the font. Thanks again I liked the ID fe Test Issue.pdf
  13. JPSports


    Thank you. I am not sure. As I type the text it appears on the screen in slow motion. Usually the text appears on the screen as I type it. On my laptop, it has a delay. It sort of jumps on the screen. It has been this way for several versions of AP. If I type in word, pageplus, indesign or even here, it does not show that problem. I have win10 on a dell laptop. Test Issue.afpub
  14. JPSports


    Just a few things I've run across. The PDF import does not recognize embedded fonts yet. I worked around by importing the pdf in PagePlus then exporting as PDF out of there. The trebuchet and gills sans font still has issues. When I am typing a story, the letters appear on the screen in slow motion. JUST AN IDEA - It would be great if the program could preview the front like adobe indesign cc does. In the font drop down box it gives you a sample of the sentence youre writing.
  15. JPSports

    trebuchet font

    Here is samples Test 2.afpub test.pdf trebucbd.ttf trebuc.ttf trebucit.ttf