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  1. I have been publishing a paper since 1991. I was involved in PP in the early stages and really enjoyed the program. I felt it as on the cusp of really being a solid program. However, I do not think the publishing world took it serous and Adobe InDesign kind of ruled there. ID was a cutting edge program with a lot of room for growth when it began. I couldn't afford the price so I stuck to PP. Now comes Affinity and although I like the direction and potential, it will be a huge step backward in features. Drawing lines is difficult. If you copy and paste lines or objects they lay on top of each other. (Do not stagger) Although it has huge possibilities, the WORKFLOW is extremely difficult. I understand this is beta stage and to be patient. Things that are so simple in Indesign or PP are not so easy in Publisher. If you use tables, there is an easy function to alternate fills so you don't have to do them by hand. Drawing lines is harder than it should be and working with picture frames is NOT easy. I say congrats to the Serif team on taking a bold step forward, but for old-times like me (I am 58), I don't have the years left to wait....If I was 30, yes. But I am not. I am disappointed that PP will no longer grow. I feel with a couple of improvements (like remembering your print settings - without having to save a setting. ID seems to do this...hmm)...a dark theme (easier on the eyes).....and a few other things...
  2. I often replace photos weekly in a set picture frame. Usually they are mug shots of athletes. How can I import a picture in a picture frame and manipulate the photo to the size needed? I could place a photo and crop it. But I like to adjust the pic so they are nice and uniform. Thank You
  3. Cant seem to change the cell frame borders inside the frame. I can change the outside borders, But I would like to have a cell frame with a border around and cells inside have no borders. I also can't seem to do alternating fills in my table unless i do each one by hand
  4. JPSports

    Table Woes

    Alternating fills do NOT work. I tried making a new table with a white row and the next row of color I wanted. Wound up making four rows. Saved it. Yet, each time I add a row, it is colored and not alternating. ID and PP had alternating option. So I am sure there must be an easier way to do this. The table options are great but I should be able to make a table that has borders around the whole table and no cell borders in the table. Page 2.pdf
  5. JPSports

    Table Woes

    I am having table troubles. The fonts print bold and spaced close together. If I PDF the doc it prints as it looks onscreen. Also I am having trouble getting a border around the table group (8 columns, 50 rows. If I make the border clear the cell borders do not change. I am trying to be patient but borders seems harder than it should be
  6. Ok thanks. Appreciated. I am trying hard to like this program. But a lot of extra steps
  7. Looking for help. I draw a straight line with the pen. Then I select the move tool to move it and it disappears. This is more work than it should be.
  8. I agree. I understand the process for developing the program. Can’t believe a simple task like the line tool should be so hard. There are some nice things here but seems like a huge step backwards from where page plus has gone. Some of us won’t be around in ten years when needed features are added. I don’t want to use pp because it is a. Dead program and will never be developed further. Maybe open source the code so others can tweak it
  9. When I use the pen tool to draw a straight line, it draws if I hold shift key. But when I let go of the shift key, the line disappears.
  10. JPSports

    PDF Import

    Thank you for the reply. This ad came from Air Force and their national agency. I did not design it. All I know is there are no import issues on any other program i use. I've opened in photoshop, gimp, indesign and Pageplus. I hope that when the RC or final is done for AP, the file will be correct. It would be frustrating if every PDF file I get from agency or clients can't display or work. Thank You
  11. Thank you. Figured it out. It is not as hard as I thought. Plus able to edit by adding nodes. Thx
  12. Thank you Walt! I am trying to adjust my thinking...old dog etc lol! I can't seem to make it work. Once I figure it out. Is there a way to move the photo inside the box? On top on the left, there is a football player (blue uniform grey helmet). I drew a box with the pen tool and imported a picture. But I can't seem to move the photo inside. Below it, you will find the same photo, I drew a quick box and can't seem to nest it inside. Pls help Affinity_Master_11-24-2018.afpub
  13. I appreciate being a part of this process. I have just a couple questions. 1.) Will there be a save icon? or save as icon? or a choice to add one? Will there be templates? 2.) Feathering was an option I used a lot. PP had a great and easy way to do it. Is there or will there be an option to do it without creating unnecessary work? I hate having to search or have someone say to use the transparency tool... 3.) Why are so many things hidden in publisher in drop down boxes or even renamed? For example if I highlight a photo I have to go to Layer>New Adjustment. and select effects etc rather than right click or go to an icon. In PP I could go directly for the effects to lighten, darken, etc. I never would have guessed laying on effects....This is totally confusing and I have been in publishing since 1991.... I hope my questions are easy to understand.....
  14. I appreciate the help! Here is what I am trying to do. I will use the solution. I just wondered if there was an easy tool like the irregular crop tool. As you can see, I took the action photos on top and cut the background out around them with the irregular crop tool. It was very simple and I didn't have to waste time with a bunch of steps.
  15. Wow! That's great. I will try it...I appreciate the response.... The problem I have is this I have a photo of a football.player. With the irregular crop tool. I could take that photo...crop around the areas I didn't want and use it...it didn't have to be white only background...etc. As.for PP it is dead. It will no longer be upgraded or new versions made. No new enhancements or fixes. Serif has put their energy to a new program.. Affinity.....