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  1. Yzerwing

    cut out studio

    I beg to differ. With Page Plus it was EXACTLY where it belonged. My needs and purposes have not changed. I needed it there before, I need it there now.
  2. I agree I will not be making the "Upgrade" to AP anytime soon. The lack of cut out studio really makes this impractical for me. I do a lot of image cutouts and the Affinity Photo process is much more complex and time-consuming.
  3. Sorry but it seems like Publisher made a lot more work for me. I would be further ahead to continue with Page Plus. The prospect of purchasing Affinity Photo JUST so I can cut out images is a major turn off since that would be its only purpose for me...... and as it seems many other users as well. I hope Affinity reconsiders their position on this tool.
  4. So as I already have Adobe photographers package I may as well choose Indesign and use photoshop for image background removal instead of buying another photo editor?
  5. Will the new Affinity Publisher have a Cut out studio like Page Plus has? I use this tool a lot in my publications. Adobe's Indesign makes you cut out in Photoshop and import into Indesign; this is a lot of extra steps I much prefer the onboard tool PagePlus utilized.

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