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  1. I voted no. I use IMatch as my DAM and Capture One Pro as my main raw processor. I think it would take years to catch up to the power of IMatch as a DAM, and I'd rather they put the resources into Photo & Designer. I would like non-destructive raw processing in Photo, and I'd like to be able to copy and paste raw settings on a batch of photos, but neither would be top priority. I once thought all in one management and processing was a great idea. I no longer think that way. LR is a rather weak DAM and it may be the best of the bunch in that regard compared to the other be all photo raw processors. Same goes for HDR and Pano. I wasn't even happy with the raw processing in the end which drove me looking for another does it all solution. I finally realized I already used a handful of specialized programs for HDR. I used PTGui Pro for panorama stitching with Affinity for finishing. So I changed my search to finding the strongest, most open DAM and a raw processor that was fast, had great color editing, and tethering. IMatch and C1 won out. Since I manage everything in a dedicated DAM, I don't hesitate to process a raw in Affinity, or DPP if a certain image just isn't getting there in C1 (rare). Maybe I'll add DXO for it's reputed noise and geometry handling. Photo and Designer are great v1 programs, I look forward to them getting even better.