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  1. Ah got it. Thanks for the clarification - what you describe sounds good.
  2. Integrated with what? Other Affinity products I presume? What about working with other RAW converters? This is tricky stuff if they really want to make a DAM that does not have its own built in RAW conversion then they have to figure out how to integrate with other company's converters. I'm not sure which is more work 🙂 Yep, needed Interestingly working with a cloud-based world is very low on my priority list. I'll use cloud storage for sharing but I have no interest in having that me my actual storage location. Woah, what does that look like? Are you saying you want the DAM database to be on an Affinity cloud server? I don't like the sound of that at all. I want a way to ingest files from cards or other locations that allows powerful renaming and metadata creation features that has organizational features like stacking (grouping), moving, custom collections, query based collections that can be nested sorting drag and drop ordering... And it has to be fast.
  3. Hello, I am an amateur Photographer and full time Software Developer from Ontario Canada. I just recently purchased Affinity Photo to use along side Capture One. I replaced Lightroom with Capture One a while ago and want to replace my use of Photoshop with Affinity Photo as well. I have no questions yet but I am sure I will.
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