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  1. Well it might look logical but it is not what you think it is. In this case adjustments should affect upper layer (actually only the upper layer) becasue they are bind to it (I don't know any other words to better describe it). It should and DID work just like I am describing before 1.7.2 update. EDIT: OK since this is still confusing for someone I will demonstrate further more. Here you can see that adjustments are not just put below top layer they are put "inside top layer" aka bind to. Then they were put into group so it is easily managable (like hide or show) but that group is still "inside top layer" so it still should affect top layer (actually ONLY that layer). Here you can see how that works wonders without group. And here you can see how this can be usefull (that it affects only that specific layer). And finally here you can see how it again doesn't work when used as grouped adjustments. I am actually confused that it is confusing for someone as I thought that this method is bread and butter for almost anyone who works with this kind of software?
  2. Ok I just tried new clear file. Put an image into it and then applied adjustments (black and white) and put them under that specific image layer worked fine, then i put those adjustments into a group and well...doesn't work anymore. And just to make things clear, it worked before the update.
  3. I second this problem. It seems that not just masks but also adjustments itself doesn't seems to work when put UNDER a specific layer in group (does work when there is no group). I'll try to demonstrate see pic below :
  4. Tomáš Luža

    Adjustment's mask thumbnail is missing 1.7.0

    Hey Chris, thank you that would be awsome! Cheers T.
  5. Hello guys, frist of all great job on another version! However I have stumbled upon a small tedious detail that doesn't seems to work (tested on 2 pcs). In 1.65 when I created adjustment layer I simply used mask that was created along with it and painted right into it and small thumbnail preview poped up on icon of that adjustment layer that showed what was painted and what not. After today's upgrade this preview stopped popping up and since then there is only a white blank screen. There is a workaround to use manual mask ontop of specific adjustment layer and that manual mask DOES show preview. Any chance that you could look at that? TL:DR - Adjustment layers inbuild masks does work but preview thumbnails of adjustment layers inbuild masks are broken. (see pics as attached) Thanks and cheers, T.
  6. Hey I just stumbled upon this topic, because I was looking to solve this specific problem aswell. This macro works wonders (too bad AP macro system doesn't remember the way you change size of canvas e.g. =+ 52 rather it does take in account the final number that comes out). Thank you for this I just changed radius and combined your macro with another macro and I am good to go (good think is that you can actually macro record pressing another macros and therefore combine multiple macros into one prime). By the way Note3: You can assign a shortcut key to a macro to make it easy to run instantly - how can I assign keybind to a macro? Cheers
  7. Tomáš Luža

    Keybind a mouse button?

    Hey @Dan C thank you for clarification. Nevermind and I'll patiently wait for this feature, it is still awsome piece of software! T.
  8. Hello there, I have got another curiosity I wanted to ask about :). Is there a way to attach a mouse button to shortcut? Let's just say I don't really favour pressing ALT + Right mouse button and Left mouse button to be able to adjust width/hardeness of brush size. So can I rebind it to just let's say ALT + RMB? I tried to do that but wasn't able to get mouse buttons to keybinds at all. Thanks, T.
  9. @GabrielM I just tested it and it looks promising. There is still a bit of a lag when you paint and then release mouse button it takes like 1-2 seconds to update preview in thumbnail, but still that is good enough as long as it doesn't get completely stuck. Will further testing. Thanks
  10. Hello @GabrielM, thanks and I will do. Just wanted to ask, can I install it alongside my Af. Photo master build? I suppose this won't affect my main installation? Thanks, T.
  11. Hello there, I am having a bit of an issue with thumbnail preview of layer masks in Affinity Photo (Windows version). Especially when working with larger files layer's mask thumbnails get sometimes (quite often to be honest) stuck. I mean it does affect image but thumbnail remains black/white (not showing the shape and intensity of paint). Expanding group or minimize Affinity Photo usually helps but obviously that is not ideal solution. Now I have discovered that there are similar topics here already but I am wondering if this has been resolved so far or is on schedule to be? Or If there is anything else I can do to fix it? BTW my rig spec is : I7 7800X (3.5 Ghz / 4 Ghz turbo), 32 GB RAM, GTX 1050ti, SSD, so I guess hardware shouldn't be of an issue. Thanks and cheers T.
  12. Hello MEB, thank you for your time. So if I get it correctly this function is already in beta? I am using the latest master build so that is that but I'll gladly wait till new version comes up and it is good to know that Use ⇧ modifier to cycle tools is going to be implemented. I suppose that there is no fixed release date of this new version yet by any means ?:) T.
  13. Hello there, shortcuts for tools have a bit annoying functions (atleast for me). First one is when you press a shortcut more than one time it cycles through other "modes" of that tool (this I solved with rebinding a keymap). Second one is when you press shortcut more than one time and you previously pressed another tool then it switches you back to that previous tool. Now this second one I wasn't able to solve and it is disturbing my workflow. Is there a way to turn it off somehow? Thank you, T.
  14. Ah, that's it! Thank you Gabriel it does work greatly. T.
  15. Hey Gabriel, thank you for your input I will try to specify my problem. I am attaching another img where you can see a difference when you use feather with another software (in this case it is GIMP). For both examples I used same method -> Use Rectangular Marquee Tool -> select half of the canvas -> apply feather -> Use fill with secondary color (black). As you can see in GIMP (In Photoshop does work the same way) feather was applied only to the side of selection that was not in contact with border of canvas (aka in the middle of screen) althou Affinity Photo feather affected all sides of selection (even those that are in contact with canvas borders). So I would like to know if it is possible to do it the "GIMP" way? Thanks Tomas