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  1. Hey! Here's my take on Penrose triangle. https://www.flickr.com/photos/167401184@N05/with/48020464082/
  2. Yup. I’m using my MacBook Air 2015 hooked up to my external monitor and the laptop is closed.
  3. It turns out the bug is still there whenever I use my external monitor Samsung S24E390HL, 23.6”.
  4. Hey Chris, I have a Wacom Intuos S Bluetooth and the driver version is 6.3.34 for MacOS. The problem seems to be gone after I updated the driver by downloading it directly from Wacom website instead of updating via Wacom Desktop Center. Sorry for bothering you with this.
  5. HSL Adjustment layer in Affinity Photo Beta 1.7.1 140 acts strangely only when I use my Wacom tablet. I'm trying to select a color range and every time it just resets, everything is completely fine with a mouse or a trackpad. Video example: Без названия.mov
  6. I'm also experiencing slow performance compared to 1.6.7. Sometimes AP 1.7 just freezes, canvas flickers white in documents with many layers, fans of my laptop go crazy fast when adding live filters.
  7. Hey! As you might have noticed I like moon and nighttime pictures, so here is my another take on photo manipulation in Affinity Photo. Version 1.7 brought quite a few features that made compositing easier. New HSL adjustment is something I've been waiting for. https://www.flickr.com/photos/167401184@N05/with/48020464082/
  8. Thank you! You definitely have imagination and I will take your ideas for my upcoming projects if you don't mind. The biggest problem with compositing though is finding stock images that fit together.
  9. Thank you! You’re completely right. I currently work on my old MacBook Air with a TN panel, which doesn’t render any colors accurately. I received a nice IPS monitor today as a gift, so I’m going to be a little more precise with contrast and colors now.
  10. Thank you! I’m not sure that a “cartoony” feeling was intentional here because I don’t have great drawing skills. Things happening on images are not that realistic, this might be a reason for Dreamworks “vibe”.
  11. Thank you! These are my first attempts from coming up with an idea, picking out images to the final result. I have made about two dozens composites following tutorials and copying work of others.
  12. Hey! I've been taking pictures for quite a long time but now I'm more into photo manipulation and retouching. I like the software and its "Live Filters" feature makes the process so much more flexible. Here are my first composites made in Affinity Photo. Hope you enjoy it! https://www.flickr.com/photos/167401184@N05/
  13. Thank you MEB! Somehow I didn't notice it, although I've been using Affinity for half a year now. So the only workaround is to copy a layer mask to another group and work on pixel layers?
  14. Hey! While working on a project in Affinity Photo 1.6.7 I noticed a weird bug, the same happens in the latest beta build. In order to avoid too many words I attached a video. Affinity_1.7.mov

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