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  1. It used to work on Alpha Masks in 1.9.0. There's situations when it has to be an Alpha Mask and certain things cannot be made with a Vector Mask. Thank you for your suggestion anyway
  2. Gaussian Blur Adjustment Layer doesn't blur mask edges but the whole picture gets blurred instead. Запись_экрана_2021-03-04_в_12_57_58.mov
  3. 1.9.1 I'm not sure Discrete Graphics are used by Affinity Apps again. Metal is ON, gfxCardStatus App shows that only Integrated card is being used. I'm confused.
  4. I've been working in Affinity Suite all day since I downgraded to previous driver, everything acts as normal. You're right, v. 6.3.42-1 was released to support M1 Macs. You'll have to wait when they fix it.
  5. Yes, I downgraded to the previous version of Wacom Driver (6.3.40-2) and the problem is gone.
  6. @antonkudin I have a feeling that it's a bug after the latest Wacom driver update, I've just noticed the same behaviour on a system level, tapped a few folders on my desktop as if cmd was held.
  7. I have the same issue. This is also present when using a Move Tool, objects get copied as if cmd is held Macbook Pro 16, Intel, Big Sur 11.2.
  8. Enabled Metal Compute Acceleration, restarted Photo but Discrete Graphics do not kick in. Although my Radeon card kicks in instantly when I start DaVinci Resolve.
  9. Another thing I've just noticed. I'm not sure Affinity uses my Discrete Graphics, which I have. It used to be always ON in previous versions. Here's a screenshot of my settings, a heavy .afphoto file opened and my current Graphic Card in use according to my system.
  10. Hey, MEB! It gets the job done if I uncheck "Parallel Processing" but it's reaaaaally slow compared to 1.8.6. I'm running an Intel Mac on the latest Big Sur.
  11. Here's a video with a described issue. There's also a spinning thing as a mouse pointer and there's no option to scroll in a batch job window. Запись_экрана_2021-02-07_в_19_51_54.mov
  12. I have the same issue. 1.9.0 + macOS Big Sur.
  13. Simple Batch Job freezes when converting .afphoto files (a small number of files - 38) to simple PNG without any Macros or resize options. The only option is to force quit Affinity Photo.
  14. Some elements of GUI are too tiny in the latest 1.9 release. Color picker Clear fill icon Adjustment layers icons are barely visible
  15. Absolutely agree on this one! I also find it kind of annoying having to select sample "Current and Below" layers when using Inpainting Brush / Clone and other tools when retouching a number of similar pictures.
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