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  1. Hello everyone, in this last period I wanted to try to improve the presentation of my work. To do this, I created several mockups and created presets to use to present the jobs. In this case, the examples, as usual, are limited to the illustrations that I love doing with animals. In the future, I hope to bring some examples that are not related to personal projects. What do you think?
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    Need Some New Ideas

    Hi! I used Affinity designer since the first beta of windows, and I use it to made logos, poster, illustration and mockups. I think you can try to make more logos, there are a lot of styles and you can improve your skills. Maybe you can watch on Behance or Instagram some works and then you can try to recreate the graphics style, in order to learn the techniques.
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    Jaguar E-Type Lightweight (AD)

    Wow that's amazing! So many details
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    Some new projects

    Thank you very much
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    Some new projects

    You have right, my fox is fat.
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    Thank you, the elephant was very hard to make
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    thak you
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    I create this works with Affinity Designer. I use it since the first beta for windows. I love it.