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  1. Thank you so much for your help ! I don't really understand what is happening : my paragraph style has no outdent... and I thought the settings in the paragraph panel reflected those from the style ? Are they some kind of override that's applied on top of the style ? @Ray S. is that what they are, overrides ? (edited because I misunderstood your reply)
  2. Sure, I should have done that from the start ! Here it is. guide_table_alignment_problem.afpub
  3. Hi all, this is probably just me not knowing my way around tables yet. I can't seem to center text correctly in them ? Whichever text style I choose (and those have no indents or margins whatsoever), I end up with this (see attached capture). Both text and images are off-center by a few millimeters. I haven't found anything that could cause this in "table formats", or in "table". "Autofit column to contents" resizes the column but keeps this margin. Notice that it happens only on the right-hand-side, on both columns in my table : content aligns nicely to the left, touching the border of the table like it should. Any ideas ? Cheers, Hadrien
  4. Hi all, I am getting instant crashes on creating a table of contents (when clicking on "insert table of contents"), on Windows 10, AP version This is problematic as I have a deadline approaching. If I can't make it work I'll do it by hand, of course. Here is my file. Can someone take a look at it ? Focus the body of text on page 3 and try inserting a TOC. Thanks, Hadrien guide_v023.afpub
  5. Ah good idea ! Thanks a bunch for the example file, much appreciated. It's better automated than my previous attempt. A custom font is a clever idea but probably too much work for this specific job, plus I don't know much about font editing/creation... -I've dabbled with FontForge but it is super glitchy (by the way if you know an alternative I'm a taker).
  6. Here is what I used to have : It is all hand painted and has a little wiggliness to it. There's a "drop shadow" layer effect on top as well. I liked the look of it but it didn't play nice with the text flow, since every time the text changed ever so slightly I had to reposition it below the chapter text by hand, and this defeats the purpose of using a publishing program. I wish style decorations were a little more fleshed out so I could use my own image in place of the outline and fill settings in there.
  7. Thanks for the tip @Lagarto ! I didn't think of using several decorations to achieve this. Unfortunately there are no blending modes as with layers, so the circle is not being clipped by the other rectangular blue style... do you know if by any chance there's a way to use an actual image as decoration for a paragraph style ?
  8. Hi everybody, I've learned a lot recently about publishing, and although there is plenty I don't know yet, I feel like my layout is becoming more and more orthodox, so to say. It all flows nicely, pictures and text hand in hand, I made pretty styles for my chapter headings, and the few hiccups I've encountered so far have been solved by you guys, of this I am very thankful. Here I am trying to change a paragraph style's decoration settings to "gradient" and place the gradient where I want, just as I would do with a gradient on a regular shape, such as a rectangle. It works with the default linear gradient, but I'd like something fancier and change it to an elliptical gradient. However the buttons in the color popover only allow for changing gradient stops and color/opacity settings, but not the actual origin and direction of the gradient... I've tried using the fill tool, but it only seems to operate on the actual text, rather than the text style decoration, no matter which mode I set in the tool settings above. This is not a vital matter at all, but I would appreciate any help. I feel like I'm overlooking something. Cheers, Hadrien _______________________ Here's the heading in question. The decoration is a fill that takes up the entire column width, with a linear gradient going from brown to blue (I didn't find how to change interpolation between gradient stops, so I just added two of them very close together). What I'd like to do is have the brown/blue separation be somewhat curvy, hence the elliptical gradient.
  9. Hi @MEB, thank you I was not aware of this function ! From quick testing, it seems like I can override visibility, as well as insert layers anywhere in the stack -but not override layer transforms (position, rotation, scale). Instead when I transform layers while in "edit detached", my changes propagate back to the master page. Well, that's great already ! I think I can live without transform overrides. @prophet's workaround is not necessary anymore (although precious to know it can be done!). Thanks again !
  10. I see. The problem seems to be that the layer structure in master pages is fixed, as in nothing can be inserted in between any two layers that come from a master page. Generally, master pages are the solution to making a change in one place and see it propagate in all pages where that master page is present/applied (which is the same concept as file referencing in Maya or linking in Blender) but what's lacking here (at least in my use case) is the ability to make overrides to the layer structure of the master page : rearrange layer order, insert other objects in-between, toggle visibility and other properties, and so on. I consider my issue fixed, thanks a lot ! Hadrien
  11. That's clever, thanks for the suggestion ! What are global layers ? Is this lingo from another software ? Aaaaaand it worked perfectly. Thanks a bunch !!
  12. Hi folks, here I am with my second question for the day. I'm afraid that one won't be as straightforward as the previous ones, but let's see. Here's my issue : I have a master page created with all my graphical elements, text frames, etc. and I created a double page from this master page -so far so good. Now there is some content (pictures) on that page that I'd like to slip behind some other elements from the master page (page corners), but I can't seem to be able to change the hierarchy at all. Is my only option to remove the occluding element from the master page, and add it to the actual page, so that it can pass in front of the pictures ? Here's a capture. Thanks ! Cheers, Hadrien
  13. Oooooh it had to be a character style ! Thank you so much @Old Bruce ! I couldn't see what I was doing wrong, the style in question was a paragraph style so it didn't show up in the list. Thank you ! Have an excellent day ! Hadrien
  14. Hi folks, here I am asking for help again. It's probably nothing, but I've been searching on these forums for over an hour an still can't find the answer. Here's my problem : I would like to apply a different style to the bullet number at the start of my chapter title (see capture), and as far as I understood from all the forum posts I read, this should be possible. I went in my paragraph style settings, in the "bullets and numbering" section, and typed a name inside the "Name" field. I then created a style with the same name, hoping that my bullet number would take it, but it didn't. I also tried toggling the "Global" checkbox to the right of the name field, but it didn't seel to have an effect. It's actually undocumented in Publisher's help files... Anyone knows how this works ? Cheers, Hadrien
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