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I' m running v. and windows 10.  After upgrading to this AP version, the NIK plugins won't return to AP with the corrected changes (as seen on my screen).

When returning to AP, the changes are usually very oversaturated/muddy and not at all what I want.

When opening in NIK, all photos are set in landscape format, even the portrait format ones.

When opening in NIK, all photos revert to the original file, even after cropping or other changes have been made prior to.

It doesn't seem to affect NIK Silver Efex Pro 2, and Define 2 works well - it seems to just affect the color corrections.  Appreciate your help, I miss my NIK.

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Welcome to the Serif Affinity forums :) 

7 minutes ago, Wags said:

I' m running v. and windows 10....

We do not support earlier versions of the software once updates are released. When you start Affinity Photo it should prompt you to download 

You can also download the latest version of your purchases from your Affinity Store account order, or by following the instructions at the bottom of the latest update announcement

Once you are using build 1.7.3 please check if the plugin behaviour is still "not quite right" as a lot has been done in the updates since 1.7.0 to improve this aspect of the program

Patrick Connor
Serif (Europe) Ltd.

Latest releases on each platform 

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In the past (before the current update) I have found that if I Rasterize & Trim an image, then it behaves itself in the Nik plugins.


Windows 10, Affinity Photo 1.7 and Designer 1.7, (mainly Photo), now ex-Adobe CC

CPU: AMD A6-3670. RAM: 16 GB DDR3 @ 666MHz, Graphics: 2047MB NVIDIA GeForce GT 630

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Ok, I downloaded the new version - no change.  Then did the rasterize & trim, and that pretty much did the trick.  Viviza 2 still wants to open the image washed out, and corrections made in it return to AP horrible.  I was able to adjust the image in Viviza to match it in AP, but then it was completely oversaturated as before when returning it to AP.  It's the least used plug in I use in NIK anyway.   The others seem to working pretty well, although I think they are still a bit overcooked when returning to AP, but that could be me.  It's nice to have the portrait format and crop action working again though.  Thank you for the quick response also!  I would NEVER have figured this out.

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