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Topic - Assets palette

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I do not quite understand what elements in Publisher can add to Assets and what not and where these elements are saved?

Can I add pictures, because I tried and it was impossible :-)

I think that you would need to add a white or light gray box with a preview in the Assets palette, preferably with the possibility of determining the size

I attach a screenshot - you just can't see what's there
in the attachment is a drawing - a vector with transparency

Greetings to all

asset preview.png

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Yes I know. Thank you for your reaction.
I tried to do this with photos and it doesn't work -  if it's only about vector elements - because they work?

Another thing is that you can't see the preview - in the dark interface

And another thing is how Assets works, does it just keep links to files on the disk or are all these things saved somewhere ... and where?
"Assets are stored design elements which can be accessed from any document you have open."
Stored where? with an open file or somewhere on disk in the Publisher folder?
For example -  a catalog of 100-200 pages, there can be a lot of these elements in the Assets palette - so does it increase the size of the file?
For example, libraries in InDesign are saved online, logical and simple.
I don't understand how it works :-)

I think we could use a more accurate instruction for all of us...

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11 minutes ago, radek108 said:

I tried to do this with photos and it doesn't work

Group the images first and then add from selection in the right click menu from the assets category hamburger menu.
Or drag/drop from the winexplorer (don't know if this works from mac finder)


11 minutes ago, radek108 said:

so does it increase the size of the file?


So best is to only use this for repeatable objects like logo's and letterheads 
Simply use an image manager like xnviewmp,faststone,.....from where you can drag/drop images onto the canvas.

Win10(1903)Home / Photo / Designer / Publisher & latest (beta) versions

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Adding an image directly to the Assets panel works fine for me on Windows without grouping. If you attach a video of what you are doing then someone might be able to help further.

Assets are not stored within the documents but are held in a separate storage area that only the software uses. Where this storage area is depends on your OS but you don’t normally need to access it directly. It’s just ‘a place somewhere on your local storage that the software puts assets in’.

When you copy an asset from the Assets panel into your document the size of the document will increase by the space needed to store that asset in the document (just like an embedded image) as haakoo says above. Assets are not like Symbols where they all change together. When you change an asset in the Assets panel the documents that used the previous version of that asset do not automatically change to use the new version. You can think of the Assets panel as simply a kind of persistent clipboard.

I hope this helps a little.

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Wow, :-)
thank you all for the hints. I was asking for such information.
I use Publisher on both Mac and Windows, but mainly on Mac.

Maybe someone will also be useful - when you link files such as png or jpg, you can add to Assets.
In the case of psd files - indifferent or linked or embedded - they cannot be added to Assets. On Mac OS, I haven't checked on Windows yet.
Can be added only after rasterizing the psd file.

Very useful information.

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