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Can I convert Layer FX to Layers? I need to be able to selectively erase or mask certain parts of them.


Thanks for any help.


David Mac



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Pity. OK. I'll have to construct the FX manually. Not difficult - just a bit more work. Having played quite a bit with the various tools I am now attempting my first full image from scratch in Photo. It's wonderfully flexible and clever but gets quite confusing sometimes.  Especially the different ways of treating and nesting layers, masks and adjustments. The problem is not so much learning how to do, but unlearning how I did before for the last twenty years. Teaching an old dog new tricks  ........ but fun!


I can see this growing on me.  ;)


One for the wish list in a future release? It's a very useful feature.

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Ooops. Just realised I thanked you instead of Andy.


Sorreeeee Andy. And thanks. It's a tiny bit convoluted but It works perfectly.  :)

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A reasonable work around though, would be to duplicate the layer with effects, then turn the effects off on one copy, and rasterise the other copy with "Fill Opacity" set to 0.







I used this work around extensively in my first attempt at a full image created entirely within AFP. It's not amazing but I have posted it anyway in the "strut your stuff" section of the forums here: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/9890-painted-by-hand-in-affinity-photo/


Thanks for your your help and support.  :)

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