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Syntax highlight, or style which does not alter font

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10 minutes ago, walt.farrell said:

I'm curious, Mike, whether you need to use Paste Special? I would think it would be better for Publisher to automatically picks the most feature-rich version in the clipboard, but if that were happening you should just be able to do a Paste.

No, I don't because APub will paste by default the top choice, which is RTF in this case. Mainly I was just pointing out that if RTF is available from the host application, it will be available to the receiving application and so shows up as a choice when using Paste Special.

My text editor places both the formats on the clipboard if choosing to do so, else only Unicode format is copied. And while that works great for what I usually use, it is unformatted text.

But really, the paste to Word/LibreOffice Writer, copy/paste into APub takes just a second or two longer and that should work for everyone. As I showed above, then the style desired can be applied and Bob's your uncle...

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Very weird indeed! I would have expected a 1:1 match between platforms.

I've not used Word or LibreOffice as a bridge but Apple Pages (so it's VSCode -> Pages -> APub), and it seems to work. As I wrote, even if I do some InDesign stuff I'm not experienced enough to know how page design applications deal with code syntax highlighting, hence the question about the opportunity of a feat. request.


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Just now, Davide.Barranca said:

... I'm not experienced enough to know how page design applications deal with code syntax highlighting ...

Good there is a work-around that works. I would recommend actually creating a new post in the Request forum.

fwiw, neither ID nor QXP have Paste Special and the actual RTF coding is what is pasted. RTF files are basically plain text with formatting code. Whether I'm using a snippet or full code, I paste code into Word from my editor. Then that Word file gets converted to tagged text, which is then placed into the layout application.

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1 hour ago, Lagarto said:

...QuarkXPress (2018) does not seem to support pasting of colored RTF, at all.

I don't know if formatting will come into Q2019 with the October update from a text editor, but it will bring with it the copy/paste of rtf from Word itself.

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