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Tony Goldman

Further problems trying to print in 1.7.2

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I registered the problem that Publisher 1.7,2 just crashed after pressing Print on August 17th “

Posted August 17 (edited)

Using Affinity Publisher 1.7.2 on an iMac running 10.13.6. I am using a Canon MP990 pinter. I was trying to print a draft of the magazine I was working on which has 22 pages. I set up the printer to print duplex. I pressed print got the printer screen where I specified duplex printing, and printing from the front cassette. Quality wasn’t an issue as it was just a rough draft. I pressed print on the print window. Affinity sent me a message that some text was overflowing. I pressed the ignore option. Then I got a window showing the product was loading and then Affinity crashed. It did this three times in a row. I had only tried to print a few pages after I started the project. It seemed to work that time, but not today. The original printing was before I upgraded to the latest version

Jon P replied


There is an issue in 1.7.2 where the program may crash when printing if the file contains an embedded document.

For now if you want to print your file you can either:

  • If you have the Affinity Store version of the product, downgrade to 1.7.1 here
  • Export to PDF and print from there
  • Rasterise the embedded documents before printing

Apologies for the inconvenience.

If you could upload your file here it would be appreciated

Well I chose to Export to PDF. Today Sept 3rd I wanted to print out Magazine to check layout and text so on the Print screen I selected print entire document and then clicked on PDF initially saved document as PDF then pressed Print and after a brief sight of window with progress bar going across it crashed again. thank goodness I had pressed Save before I started,  I got the programme back up very quickly. Went through File/Print and then pressed PDF, and tried to Save as PDF again and then it crashed again without reaching print stage

I also should mention that I earlier printed the last page of the Magazine twice to check type size in ordinary print form and it printed without problem both times. I am sending you the last saved version of Tekiah! 9/2018 V7afpub and Tekiah! 9/2018 v10 pdf which is what I converted it to before printing the first time. I am quite worried because we getting close to submitting magazine to printers


Tekiah 9:2018 v7.afpub

Tekiah 9:2018 v10.pdf

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If you go to File > Export > PDF it shouldn't crash.

Since i originally posted that we discovered it was embedded/linked documents with a colour space that differs from the original that was causing the crash, so another workaround you could use is to ensure the PDFs in your documents colour space matches the documents (or you could rasterise these PDFs since from what I see they are basically images anyway)

Serif Europe Ltd. - www.serif.com

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