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Can't select artboard on embedded afproject?

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As I'm using Affinity Designer on PC and Mac for quite some time, I also bought it for my iPad yesterday.

What I really like about Affinity Designer is that I can simply embed another multi-artboard project-file in a new project and then select what exact artboard I want to use. Unfortunately I cannot find that functionality in the iPad version.

My scenario: I have a project file with a logo in a dark and light scheme. I want to import that file to a different project (a flyer). While I can embed it on the iPad, I cannot define what artboard it uses. Unfortunately it uses the dark artboard by default.

I've also tried the following already:

  1. Create a new project on the iPad
  2. Insert the logo project file from the cloud
  3. Close & save the project on my iPad
  4. Load up that project on my MacBook
  5. Change the artboard to use
  6. Save and load it back to the cloud
  7. Open it on the iPad again

In step 7, when selecting the file, in the preview it now shows the correct artboard I've selected on my Mac version. But when I open it, it still uses the dark artboard of my embedded file.
Is this intended, a bug (or a missing feature) or is it simply me being stupid?

Best regards!

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A workaround? The closed embedded file appears to display only the content of the first artboard of that embedded file. If you (double tap to open the embedded file), then add an empty artboard,  then move the content of first artboard to the empty artboard and then move the desired logo to the now empty first artboard. it will now display that logo when you close the embedded file. 

Renumbering artboards or moving in layer stack has no effect. 

I suspect this is a bug but will wait for Mods to determine if this is by design. :)

IPad Pro 10.5/512GB   lpadOS 13.5.1   Affinity Photo 1.8.3 .180   Affinity Design Publisher for iPad (2020?)

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Hope I m not beating a dead horse here but has there been any word on this improvement/fix for selecting art boards of embedded documents?

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