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Almost every time I run a boolean operation to divide or unite vector curves in AD, it freezes on me as shown in attached image. I have to force quit and restart the app and try again in smaller doses or move it to Illustrator and try again there. I have an iMac with 12GB of RAM - I don't know if the issue is I need more RAM, or if it's still a bug Affinity is fixing? I ordered more RAM recently, so I'll be able to try it again after installing it to see - but I wanted to see if anyone had any info pertaining to this issue - thanks!


Screen Shot 2019-08-25 at 8.52.52 PM.png

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Hi Boldlinedesign,

This is an issue we do currently have logged with development however would it be possible for you to attach your file (and also what operations you're doing on it) that demonstrate the problems. 

This gives us a few extra files to test with!


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Hey Sean - thanks for responding on my post. I upgraded my RAM from 12 up to now 32GB to see if that had any effect - unfortunately it did not :(  I attached a screenshot as well as the actual file. I grab all my strokes and then expand them to curves. Then I grab all my curves and I hit "divide" in the boolean operations - this because I intentionally overlap with the brush tool so I can get my thick to think lines where I want them. Using divide cuts off the extra overlapping parts so i can go through grabbing them and deleting them - leaving me with a clean break where two curves overlap.When done, I grab all the curves remaining and merge them. Unfortunately it typically freezes when I go to divide or merge the pieces


Screen Shot 2019-08-27 at 2.38.10 PM.png

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