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Publisher: How to localize entire book?

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Hello Affinity,

I want to ask you if there will be a convenient solution for content translation of Publisher documents in future?

Let’s say I have done an entire book in Affinity Publisher, source language English, and I want to translate the content (sentence by sentence) into another language and I also want to have both (source and target) synchronized, i.e. if some sentence changes in the source, I want to also to see a difference/change in the target so I can translate it.

I know that such tools exist. E.g. Madcap Flare which is a CHM/PDF documentation tool. They also offer a tool called Lingo, which imports the Flare project, where you can translate (side-by-side) all sentences and then export back a new target Flare project.

Such a solution would be great for Publisher.



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Hi Jeff,

I'm not aware of any plans for a feature like this, but i'll get this post moved to Feature Requests as it's better suited there :) 

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