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Aaron Martin

Customizable toolbar in a way that “it just works”

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First of all, i know lot of thought has gone through how the iPad toolbar and studio layout is created. But i have a suggestion that might make the interface much easier to use. 
my main problem with current layout is functions such as alignment, add/subtract/divide, place on top/bottom/below and such things. i find myself using them so often in some projects that clicking on a toolbar to select my required action feels like one two many steps. 
my suggested solution: create the bottom tool properties customizable, but ONLY ON MOVE TOOL. This way i believe it can make certain functions easily accessible and create a more personalized workflow for each user while maintaining with affinity suit’s general user experience (you can customize toolbar on desktop). This way functions mentioned above which are also related to moving objects could be placed at bottom function bar and if some functions are rarely used (such as select inside or add to selection which i personally use rarely) could be disabled and hidden from the interface to keep it clean. You could also put a “hand” option similar to photo’s “hand” tool for presentation purposes or another option to select shapes in ‘“lasso” style. 

another side suggestion: i hope the bottom toolbar could be hidden when i access fullscreen while im using brushes in vector or pixel persona. 


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