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Could I request a few simple table enhancements?

1) Drag and drop rows. If I have a row in position 4 it would be nice to be able to drag it to position 5. Currently I have to create a new row - copy row 4, paste row 4 into new row. Copy row 5 and paste into row 4 and then paste old row 4 into now empty row 5.

2) When I right click to delete a row it deletes the highlighted row, not the row I right-clicked on. For example if I was working on row 10 (it is actively selected) and then decide I don't want row 4 anymore. I right click on row 4 and delete. It deletes the actively selected row - so row 10, NOT row 4. This is very counter-intuiative.

3). When inserting a new row it would be nice to have the option to insert above/below in the popup menu. Currently it just adds a row above. If you are on the last row and you want to add a new row to the end - you can't because it always adds the row before the end row. It would make more sense to insert row below as default.

Great product - thanks Affinity.

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As regards (3), I find that if a click the row header arrow and select 'Insert Row', it does indeed add the new row above. However, if I ignore the header arrow and just right click on the row header the same menu pops up but this time if you select 'Insert Row' it inserts below the currently selected row! Of course, the operation should be clearly labelled as to whether inserting above or below.

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I would suggest adding an "insert" icon to the context toolbar somewhere that could be dragged into the table where you want a row or column inserted.  Much as there is a hint line in the layers panel as to where a layer is being moved, as you drag that icon into the table, it could draw a horizontal or vertical line to show you where the new row or column will be added.

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