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Horizontal Grid System

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Hello, i have been playing a lot with grid manager lately. but i couldn't figure out, if i create a simple grid, how can i keep only one directional lines.
here i am NOT talking about dividing the complete art board into "some number" of rows and column. i want unidirectional lines "either horizontal or vertical" with a provided 
space "custom space, lets say 88px" 
is there any way to achieve it right now? if not, any workaround or feature request would be greatly appreciated :)

how can i create lines like in this pic ... 


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Hi komakolud,
There's no option to render/display just one of the directions but you can achieve this doing the following: set the grid to Advanced, untick the Uniform checkbox, set the Spacing for the first axis to the same width of the document (so the whole document acts as a single column) and the Divisions to 1. Set the Spacing for the second axis (horizontal) to 88px (or whatever value you want for the space between the horizontal lines) and the Divisions to 1 as well.

Here's a sample file (1280x2800px document) with the horizontal lines set to 88px: grid_sample.afdesign

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