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Japanese input shown strange on Windows

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Temporary input is shown with wrong font, size and position. (IME's default font?)
I assume this is because you are using Windows' built-in text display engine but Affinity's for this part unlike Mac version?

It's little inconvenient and sometime it will be a problem to guess the final output.
I know implementing custom text display logic like Mac version is tough and problematic.
But I would like you to implement it like Mac version at some point. 

Image 2019-08-11 at 10.20.06 PM.png

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Hi ashf,

Thanks for letting us know. I've replicated this and the height seems to change after the IME is corrected to use the selected font and English Text. I've also reproduced the Japanese text's font changing as well. I've tried this using MS Word and that seems to use Yu Mincho for both the preview and the applied text's font, however we're not showing the font as that.

I've attached a video of my reproduction using MS Word and Affinity Designer. Could you just confirm this is the incorrect behaviour you are getting?

Regarding the actual input we just use the OS's IME so there will be differences between Mac and Windows, so the two will never be completely alike.

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@Sean P
Yes but actually Comic Sans is improper to use since it's an English font.
You should use Japanese fonts such as Yu-Gothic and Yu-Mincho.
I used Comic Sans to emphasize the problem.

Basically temporary input should be the same font, size and position(vertical position in the line) as other text.
Like you see on Mac.

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18 hours ago, Sean P said:

Thanks for that. I've also noticed that if you click and drag to make a selection and attempt to type over it, it will not erase the word until you press enter. I'll get these all passed on.

FYI, clicking somewhere while typing suppose to be the same as enter key on other software such as Word.
Currently clicking somewhere while typing cancel out temporary input.

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