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Export an artboard don't export bleed


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Hi everybody,

I'm facing a problem both with Affinity and last Beta with Windows 10 64bits .

When I want to export an artboard with a bleed, it's filled with white and not with its content.
I did some research on the forum without finding similar cases.

A video is better than a long speech.

Have you ever encountered this problem? Do you have a solution ?

Thank you all ! :)

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I'm struggling with this issue as well and it's probably the biggest speed bump I've hit with Affinity Designer since day one, given that I can't export commissioned print work to the required spec.

I could write a longer post airing my frustration, but I don't want to clog up the forum with extraneous ranting.

@Sean P Is there any way of knowing when a fix is likely to be implemented and released?

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I'm having this exact problem on 2021-10-27 with version

I literally made a demo file just now exactly identical to the one in the video and happened to search for it one more time here on the forums before making a new post.

As far as I can tell, it's JUST the artboard that's causing the problem. NOT having an artboard allows me to export a document with a bleed properly. But as soon as any artboard is made in the document, the bleed comes out white. I've also found that if I create a new document without an artboard, I can copy the contents of an artboard into the new document and it'll work as expected, but additionally, since the content isn't cropped to an artboard, the background (and other elements) are actually shown on the canvas to overshoot the trim line and bleed.

I've included an image of a design that shows the bleed behavior on the canvas with no artboard, then a bleed test document and export.

2021-10-27 13_04_02-Window.png

bleed test.jpg

bleed test.afdesign

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For anyone having the same problem, another approach that doesn't require creating as many documents would just be to create a new layer for each design, assuming all your artboards are the same size and bleed. Then just toggle them on and off as needed. Nowhere near as efficient as multiple artboards and the export persona, but at least lets you share styles etc.

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