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  1. Thanks to you as well for being timely and on the ball. Hope a fix for the original makes it into production at some point.
  2. For completely separate reasons, I wiped my machine over the weekend, so I think I lost that 2351.icm file, but I think it was created using the windows tools for color adjustment on a per-monitor basis some time ago. As for updated between when I created/saved the file and when I opened it again, I don't think so, but if there's an auto-updater, I have no idea. I didn't do it manually to my knowledge.
  3. I understand. The points aren't moving, they're just being interpreted differently at different times. I'll be aware of that in the future. Attached the color settings of the document. I've found that moving AD from my main monitor with a "2351.icm" profile to my second monitor with no icm set "fixes" it, in that file appears color correct. But here's the thing, I haven't opened the color management window up or edited the color settings on my machine for many months, long before I worked on this file. When I created it, it looked correct on that monitor with that profile. I can attach the profile if it helps. Nothing else seems to have this problem on that monitor though.
  4. Re the handles: good luck to the dev team. I don't really have time to go and manually adjust the handles on all of the tokens at this point, and the issue I was having was that it was tough to adjust them to be perfectly centered the way they ought to be if they were attached to the opposite snap point. Though I guess the remedy to that would be to adjust the handles so they snap to the left and right snap points instead of the opposite side. If I have time to update the file, I'll try that. Do you suppose that they just happened to be right when I set them up and stayed that way until I saved and closed the file? Re Color: screenshot attached, with evidence in the background.
  5. When I reopened the .afdesign file. The SVG is correct, and hasn't changed since I opened it, nor has the PNG that I exported at the same time. I've sent the files via dropbox. Thanks for your help! Regarding the color, not that I'm aware of.
  6. Hello folks, I've been loving Affinity Designer so far (aside from the not being able to export a PDF bug occasionally) but I've got a new problem. I worked on a file and exported it to SVG, then when I came back to it several days later, the layout has somehow changed since then, possibly on opening the file. I've attached a before capture of the SVG, and a new capture of the new layout. I haven't changed anything since the last time I edited the file to export the SVGs. I've also noticed that whites are looking pink for some reason now that I open the file again, I don't know if that's a symptom of the same problem (some kind of change to the settings??) or if it's completely unrelated. It looks like the Text on a Path that makes up the circle somehow had its red and green handles reset, or perhaps the program's algorithm for using the handles has changed, because I'm fairly sure I originally positioned those by dragging both handles to one side so that the entire perimeter was valid text area, then set the text to be centered via a style. Now that I fiddle with it again, it doesn't seem to behave the way I remember, I actually have to slightly overlap the handles to get the entire text to stay on one line. FYI, I've also tried changing the font size and spacing, to no avail. I don't know whether the app was updated since I last edited the file, but my current version is I've got a lot of these thingies, so fixing them manually would be a huge nightmare. Is there a way to fix all the texts on a path at one time?
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