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Export persona didn't take account of group scaling

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436338723_Screenshot2019-07-2022_42_58.thumb.png.e6b1ffa3817e0854a7aa54908a113d16.png 1915070649_Screenshot2019-07-2022_42_40.thumb.png.897e25d1feab1a45e26a5cbcc6b8f0b8.pngt


An expected result is that clicking Create Slice on PFXIcon should correctly frame the active area, similar in size to the frame of transform handle in Designer Persona in the first image. (plus take account of stroke, so all stroke pixel won't be clipped)

But seems like it misunderstand something and create much bigger area. (probably related to group scaling and that its content are symbols)


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Hi @5argon,

Sorry for the delayed reply. 

This is caused by your Mitre having a really high value, and this "extends" past your canvas. We are aware of this and it has already been logged with our developers. 



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